Urgent call to prayer 

On 7 October 2002 the Blessed Mother entrusted “three keys” to me. It was Our Lady’s wish to keep their contents secret. These keys were intended solely for the Holy Father in Rome. Without divulging their content, I am informing you that events pertaining to these keys have begun to take place. IN LIGHT OF CURRENT EVENTS I ASK YOU TO PRAY ESPECIALLY FOR THE HOLY FATHER, FOR PRIESTS AND THE CHURCH. Let us gaze upon Our Lord Jesus and His Mother. I implore you to confront hatred and violence with God’s armour: with love and prayer. I feel obliged to write that we Christians should now unite in prayer in a special way. Let us not waste any precious time. Through prayer we may not be able to turn everything to good, but many things we can.

It has always been Our Lady’s wish to protect the Pope, priests and the Church. If Her messages continue to be ignored, the pain of the Church will be the greater. The last thing I want to do is to create a sense of panic. This would in any case be inappropriate.

Please do not simply follow events in the media, instead begin to pray. Organise yourselves into prayer groups to the best of your abilities. Then do that which God desires and act responsibly. I would particularly recommend the act of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Let us all gather under the protective mantle of the Immaculate One. May She intercede for us all so that our deafness to the Divine Will might be healed.

17 th September 2006, Manuela Strack



“Form small blue oases of prayer!”

Our Lady asks that small blue oases of prayer be formed and she constantly calls us to prayer. She also mentions several request for prayer which she asks us to take to heart.

4 September 2000: “Pray for the children, because darkness is in the world. You, who go through this tribulation, please note that the tears I shed are especially intended for Germany. Until I have fortified my empire completely in love, this, my beloved country, will have to bear lots of suffering. But when I see Germany, I see that the hearts of the people have turned away from my Son. Do not think that the revelations I gave to you in Fatima are obsolete. But look, it is necessary for you to pray, to beseech us desperately. You calm my Son.”

The Blessed Mother asks us to come together in small prayer groups. We are to follow priests who love Our Lady and who are close to her. It would also be helpful to find a Marian priest to accompany the blue oasis of prayer. Our Lady promises to be wholly present in her blue oases of prayer and to pour into them her own blessings and those of her beloved Son.

Our Lady gives no further indication regarding the structure and content of the blue oasis prayer groups. It would make sense, however, if each blue oasis group met at least once a month for prayer. Our Lady emphasises the value and healing power of the rosary. In addition one might draw on the prayers and songs in the blue Sievernich prayer book, each one of which is specifically desired by the Blessed Mother. Saint Teresa of Avila’s prayers could also be used from the booklet in which they are printed. The red prayer book ‘Adoremus’ which we use in Sievernich is also enriching.

Personal prayer intentions should also be accommodated in these prayer oases. However it is equally important to fulfil the prayer wishes of Our Lady. The Blessed Mother requests prayer for nations, that they may not perish, for peace, for individual families and the family in general as well as for children. We should pray for those who cannot find the way to her beloved divine Son and especially for those who do not love her Son. Indeed, we should even pray for our enemies. She asks for prayers for the Church, the Holy Father, for priests, “who are constantly being troubled by darkness and temptation”, and for religious. We are especially invited to pray for Germany and its shepherds.

Prayer for Pope Benedict XVI and the Church is very important. Under no circumstances should we forget to pray that God’s plans for Sievernich will be realised. Without prayer we will not be able to overcome the obstacles facing the construction of the Spiritual Centre or Satan’s anger.

The Blessed Mother also reminds us that prayer without good works is useless. Let us therefore not forget to carry out good deeds.

Please inform the Blue Oasis of Prayer, Postfach 501108, D-KOLN, should you wish to found a small prayer group.


Our Lady’s call to prayer in Sievernich

6 November 2000:I send My Light down to you, My Beams of Light surround you, you, My pearls of prayer. Pray and remain loyal to My Son. The world does not have a high regard for prayer and it is not valued highly. But, dear souls, is it not prayer alone that can heal you? The grace of prayer is not to be found anywhere else, it can be found in prayer only. Talk to the Father, the Son, the Mother, if you pray. Be aware of talking to them. Experience and practise this deep, warm, and sincere kind of communication every day. I put My Song into your souls, everybody receives My Grace from you. I ask you in particular to pray for the members of your families, so I can enter into their hearts. With your assistance I will find a way to their hearts, if only secretly.

8 January 2001: Dear children, there are many temptations, there are many things, that appear to be obstacles, that keep you from praying. Call on Me, and I shall tread on the snake’s head. Remember Me in your temptations, appeal to Me. I will intercede for you with My Son, Jesus Christ, and He won’t be able to refuse My prayers and will rescue you from the darkness.

12 November 2001:I ask you to pray, children! Maybe you will say: Mother, we are praying, will it ever be enough? But I am telling you: pray continually, be flames of love, become one with My Beloved Son, then you will be healed. I come to you as your Mother. I will take you to the house of the Father. Ask the Holy Ghost to give you all the graces the Father gives to you.

7.01.2002: Children, call Me when you are in need. I hear you, even if you think that I am not by your side. I am by your side. I am asking you, children, to please pray, and pray, and pray. It does not matter if I have to tell you over and over again: please pray! What I am asking you to do is important. Prayer makes you holy, and My Divine Son can come and live in you.

4.02.2002: Children, I am asking you, please pray for Germany! Please pray for My beloved sons, the priests! Pray for the brothers and sisters in the religious orders! My dear sons and priests, My dear sisters and brothers of the religious orders, be faithful to the church! Do not leave the way My Divine Son Jesus has shown you. Dear children, be faithful to My Son Jesus.

04.03.2002: My children, your prayers dry away my tears. Oh children, pray! Do not only say the words, pray with all your heart. Pray like this, so I can be with you entirely. This is the will of the Father in Heaven, this is the will of My Divine Son Jesus Christ. Become pearls of prayer, My children, do not give up! …

Children, I love you. Pray, pray for Germany so it will not get lost.

15.04.2002: Children, even if you should consider it superfluous, I will mention this time and again: by your pure prayers from the heart you, children, can save the world! It depends on you whether I distribute my graces, which are the graces of my divine Son, Jesus. Hear my words: pray! pray! pray!

03.01.2005: Dear children, pray, pray, pray! Pray and do penance so that people will no longer insult my beloved divine Son so frequently! How often His love is rejected. I have called you so that His grace can be bestowed on you.
03.10.2005: Today I want to say good-bye to you. I shall always be with you in this place. I have said everything. Live the gospel and remember my words. My beloved Son Jesus sent me to you, that you may become living witnesses of His Love. Pray, love and do that which my Son Jesus tells you, for the Word is eternal and living. Allow it to live in your hearts. I would love to see you all again in heaven.


Manuela Strack and Cardinal Ratzinger, the present Pope Benedict XVI (at a meeting held on 12th February 2004 at Campo Santo Teutonico in Rome)


Invitation to a “perpetual rosary” for Pope Benedict XVI.

On 2 May 2005, the Blessed Mother said during her apparition in Sievernich:

“…your prayers have drawn graces from heaven. My dear Son gave you John Paul II and Benedict XVI. This is my Son’s answer to your prayers, … Pray for the Church, this is very important!...”

This message indicates clearly how powerful is the prayer of humankind and how important it is to pray not only for the Church but also for the Holy Father. The Church is the Body of Christ. She can become effective and fruitful only through and with Christ. Thus, the Holy Father, as Christ’s representative on earth, will be unable in these most challenging times to effect anything without God’s help. We must therefore ask for this help in prayer.

On 3 October 2005, Our Lady appeared for the last time. During the apparition Saint Benedict of Nursia, whose name the Holy Father bears, also appeared for the first time ever.

It appears that there is a special link between the new Pope and Sievernich. Pope Benedict XVI was given to us as a result of our prayers. This adds another dimension to his being “Our Pope”. This also means that we have a particular responsibility for him. For this reason we wish to support him with our prayers throughout his entire pontificate.

We call on all the faithful who feel an allegiance to the Blue Oasis of Prayer in Sievernich, to accompany our Pope Benedict XVI’s pontificate with a perpetual rosary.

You are invited to form a continuous prayer chain to help the Pope in the difficulties and responsibilities of his office.

In order to secure as many prayer volunteers as possible, it will be left up to each individual when and how much he or she wishes to pray. We have consciously avoided over-ambitious prayer goals. Feel free to pray this rosary alone at home or within a group. Should you be constrained by work commitments, individual decades prayed to fit in with your timetable are fine. It is vital however, that we begin this prayer of grace. If sufficient prayer participants are found worldwide, then a perpetual rosary will surely develop.

Should you wish to participate in the “perpetual rosary”, I would ask you to send your enrolment details to the following address: Die Blaue Gebetsoase, Postfach 50 11 08, D-Köln.

On 22 August 2005 the Vatican wrote the following letter to the Blue Oasis of Prayer:

“The State secretariat of the Holy See acknowledges receipt of your kind letter of 6 May in which you assure the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI of your prayers and in which together with others you offer to commend his particular intentions to God.

I thank you on his behalf for this gesture of solidarity with Peter’s successor and particularly for your prayers. Beside the Holy Father’s published monthly prayer intentions, the following necessitate the fervent prayers of the faithful: that the 20th World Youth Day may bear lasting fruit; that faith might be renewed in young people; that there might be an awakening of religious vocation in those called to serve Christ and the Church wholeheartedly; in addition prayers are needed for the strengthening of the Christian family, for world peace and for Christian unity.

Through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, Pope Benedict XVI invokes upon you God’s abundant blessing.”          back top