Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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Apparition of Child Jesus as an Infant of Prague in age of 9 Monday, July 1st, 2019, at ca 7:55 to 8:10 pm - Feast of Precious Blood


A golden ball came down to us from the sky, getting bigger and bigger the closer it came to us. It stopped above the property of „House Jerusalem“ at a height of 3 metres and opened. This ball became a beautiful bright sun.

In the midst of the sun I saw the Child Jesus as an Infant of Prague. The apparition was about 3 to 4 m tall. It wore a golden crown that shone to all sides wonderfully golden and was full of light. The robe of the Heavenly King was red and made of His Precious Blood. His royal robe and mantle were alive as if made of His Precious Blood and embroidered with golden lilies. How this could work, I do not know, but it was seen like that.

What a beautiful mantle, what a beautiful robe. The mantle of the Heavenly King was spread wide. The Child Jesus carried a large golden sceptre (about one metre high) in His right hand and a Golden book (about 50 cm high) in His left hand. I wondered about the Golden book. Why did He show it to us? Doesn't He usually carry the globe in His left hand? Beautiful to look at it!

He asked:

„Dear Child, do you want to pray with Me?“

I said, "Yes, gladly, Lord Jesus!". Now the Child Jesus blessed us all in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Then we prayed „Our Father“ together. He blessed me again. After thatI told Him, I was not worthy of Him. I was very surprised that after such a long time He was still bringing a great message to me.

At His feet I saw a big lake, actually too big for a lake, more like a sea, which was made of small shining clear crystals. I asked Him, "What is this great crystal-coloured lake at Your feet?"

He answered to me:

"These are, My dear child, the tears of My Most Holy Mother, which She weeps for you."

I said, "Oh, Lord, for us?"

He replied:

"For you men. Behold, how much you defile My creation. You are killing the unborn children in the womb. You do not respect the life I Am giving you! My Heavenly Mother has already shown you many things. She has given you the three keys (secrets). But now, My child, I will show you something else."

In His mantle I saw a beautiful big cathedral, which He told me to mean the universal Church. Then I saw many names of persons inside His whole mantle. These were and are souls who "love Him very much" (literally He said this). These names were embroidered in gold inside His mantle. He opened the mantle wider for me and showed me again the beautiful cathedral, which looked like the cathedral of Notre Dame.

I was allowed to enter into this cathedral and saw two fires in the altar area. The fire on the left side of the altar (seen from my right) was beautifully bright. It could not really be compared to any earthly fire, but I could not describe it otherwise. It shone wonderfully and lit up everything. I asked the Lord what this was. He answered:

"This is the fire of the Holy Spirit."

On the right side of the altar (seen from my left) I now saw a fire which was not at all as beautiful as the other fire. It burned with red and black flames and was very sooty. It was the "fire of corruption", so the Lord told me.

Then I saw this church no longer in its mantle, but now a beautiful oasis within it. Few bishops dressed in priestly garments with a shepherd's crook were leading a flock of sheep into this oasis. In this oasis there was a beautiful fire of the Holy Spirit. It lit up the whole oasis.

Then I saw many bishops without a shepherd's crook. I was very astonished. They were leading their sheep into the desert. Once there, they took off their priestly garments and were dressed in worldly clothes. I didn't know why, and I was all the more amazed. The sheep found no water in the desert and had nothing to eat. It was terrible. They all perished.

I begged:

 "Lord, I ask you to have mercy on them. Have mercy on us. Have mercy on them, have mercy on us."

I had to do something, I couldn't leave it like that. I was deeply moved by what I had just seen. The Child Jesus looked for some time into my eyes very very seriously and intensely. Then He said:


He has mercy on us here in Sievernich. And I told Him about two tasks that His Mother and He gave to me. I was afraid of losing His mercy because of the opposition in Sievernich. He told me He and His Mother were speaking with one voice, with one language. Then I told Him that the well - this order from Heaven – was fulfilled and the building of „House Jerusalem“ had resistances. He became very serious at this and His sceptre inclined a little.

Now He spoke:

"Why do My children not help you? Why does Satan darken their hearts? And they say that I did not commission this?"

I said, "Yes, You have commissioned it, Lord! And so did Your Most Holy Mother! That was years ago, Lord. I know that You said it and Your Most Holy Mother said it as well. But have mercy on those souls who cannot understand this. If no one suffers for them, who will suffer for them but me? Have mercy and be merciful to us, Lord!"

To my plea the Lord answered:

"My sceptre is so heavy in My hand! But I will spare you from what may come! If you repent and pray I will mitage the punishment. This Monday is the day consecrated to Me. Pray, pray, pray! Repent! I call all nations to Me! Do not turn away from Me! Call to Me!

A personal message followed.*

I thanked Him. Then He spread His mantle wide over all of us. In this mantle we were all safe. Beautiful! I said, "Oh, Lord Jesus! Yes, we will continue to pray and repent." I had to promise it to Him very much.


*Insertion of the personal message which is beeing published now, in 2021:

(Jesus said:)

You have begged for mercy. I will give you this if you fulfil a task."

I replied, "Lord, I will gladly do it if You wish it. But I am not worthy of it. But if You say so, if You mean it, I will do it."

He gave me the following task:


"Establish an open community of „Children of Immaculata, apostles of the end times“. Those who love Me very much will enter into a firm covenant with Me."

Then I said to the Lord:

"So I will set up this Community of Children of Immaculata, Apostles of the end times."

Then the Lord said: "The sign of the Community“ and He showed me it.

I said, "Yes, the Cross of St. Benedict in the medal they shall wear and a red cloth as a sign of the Mantle of the Precious Blood with a golden cross and seven drops of blood, the seven sheddings of the blood of Jesus, Your seven sheddings of Blood."

Again I pointed out to Him the difficulties concerning the „House Jerusalem“ and that one single person in the whole village is speaking so badly about us to the pilgrims.

He said: "The people will help you. It will come true!"

I thanked Him.

Then He spread His mantle very wideover us. In this mantle we were all safe. Beautiful!

I said, "Oh, Lord Jesus, yes, we will continue to pray and repent." I had to promise it to Him very much.

He again pointed out to me the emblem of the Mantle with the cross over the heart.


End of inserted personal message of 2019



He said: "You are inscribed in My Precious Blood."

I do not know how this works, but He said this. Then He spoke about what I may and may not reveal about the three keys I received in 2002 during Feast of the Rosary in the parish garden. I may tell about the situation as Our Lady came to me with the keys and that the present existing difficulties were already announced to me at that time.

I said to the Lord: "I thank You Lord, I thank You with all my heart. And I ask You to greet Your Most Holy Mother from me.

It followed a personal message.

I said: "Praise be Jesus Christ for ever and ever. Amen."

The King of Heaven said goodbye and blessed us in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Lord became very bright in the light, the light expanded, contracted and everything suddenly disappeared.

There was still prayer going on.

Own note: After the apparition I tried to find out the information about Seven bloodsheds of Jesus, as I did not know them before. Jesus appeared with the Golden book. Also about it i got an information.

St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort wrote this book.


This message is being announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.

copyright © Manuela 2000


Note now in 2021: That time I was very surprised the Lord gave us a sign as a flag. Nowadays - in 2021 - everything cleared up. Events have progressed and I ask the readers to read the "Golden Book" for understanding. At present, colourful flags are being hung on some churches. But the Lord has chosen His sign as His flag, that of the Holy Cross, that of the Precious Blood, of prayer, of the Holy Scriptures, of  Catholic Confession, that of His Sacraments, that of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.