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Sievernich, 05.01.2004

Our Lady appeared as the Immaculate One on a cloud enveloped in light. Her heart opened and we were all bathed in the light radiating from it. She was accompanied by John, the evangelist who was standing to the left, somewhat below her. She said:

„Pray, make sacrifices and do not forget that „love“ is the greatest commandment. Take the path of love and mercy, the path of my Son, Jesus. Those who wear the scapular are such a joy to me!“


Sievernich, 02.02.2004

On 2nd February 2004, Our Lady appeared as the Immaculate One during rosary prayers in the church of Sievernich. She stepped out from a bright, oval light and blessed all those present. Her gown and cloak were covered in a multitude of tiny, clear droplets. She said:

„My child, what you see are the tears which I shed for my priests!“

(She cried with her head lowered).

She continued:

„I beg you, pray for the priests, that they might be clothed with the virtues of heaven. My Son Jesus wishes them to follow Him completely.“

A priest, dressed in black, knelt and prayed before Our Lady. The Immaculate One was in front of him on a cloud and at some distance. The priest in question was Father Alexander Alef. He had in the past been parish priest of Sievernich.

Light radiating from the heart of Our Lady was shining down towards the people.

Father Alef said:

„I have borne witness before God and man. I would like to encourage all priests to be witnesses of heaven as I was. I encourage all of you, priests and religious, to live your faith.“

Our Lady smiled at Father Alef and then at us.

Father Alexander Heinrich Alef - „a 20th century martyr“

Alexander Alef originates from Cologne where he was born on 2nd February 1885. On 1st August 1909 he was consecrated to the priesthood by cardinal Antonius Fischer. In October 1930 Alexander Alef became parish priest of the village of Sievernich. Soon, however, the problems associated with the new Nazi regime began and Father Alef was denounced by the party (Nazi Party).

In September 1943, under the pressure of the Gestapo, a ban was put on Alef's work. Consequently he was expelled from the diocese of Aix-la-Chapelle. Dr. Schuller who was at the time senior consultant at the hospital of Birkesdorf, declared Alef unfit to be kept in prison. In view of his poor physical health, he was instead taken into the Cistercian monastery Marienstatt in Westerwald. Father Alef was nonetheless obliged to report to the regional police at regular intervals.

In December 1943 he was forced to leave this community and, while still obliged to report at regular intervals to the police station, was transferred to the Cellitine monastery in Dueren Niederau. It was from there that in February 1944 the Gestapo picked Alef up and took him to the prison in Aix-la-Chapelle where he was incarcerated. Prior to this, Alef had handed over to Sister Johanna his rosary containing relics of saint Hermann Josef von Steinfeld. As he did so he said to the Sievernich-born nun: „I don't want them to have this as well.“ The rosary was to be kept in the parish church in Sievernich.

On 6 September 1944, Alef was taken to the reformatory camp Deutz am Messehof in Cologne. 14 days later he was transferred to the Buchenwald (Weimar) concentration camp.

On 6 January 1945 he was once more moved (probably because of the approaching front) to the Dachau concentration camp where he died as a result of exhaustion and illness on 16 February 1945.

He was subsequently cremated.

At Father Trimborn's behest, the district council in the year 1960 decided to re-name the church street as Pfarrer-Alef-Strasse.


Monday, 16. 02. 2004

On Monday 16. 02. 2004 whilst praying the rosary I sensed to the left of me a quiet humming sound accompanied by a pleasant breeze. We were just in the process of praying the third glorious mystery (the descent of the Holy Spirit) when a small bright star appeared to the left of the altar. Then a beautiful angel, tall and slim with a skyblue sash around his white garment appeared beside the star. The star, seen from my perspective was to his left, somewhat above his head. The sash, hanging down from his left hip was adorned with gold embroidery and both ends resembled a fringe of twisted gold (this is the only way I can describe it). The uppermost cloth of the sash depicted a cross stiched in gold. Beneath it was a golden circle of twelve stars at the centre of which was stiched a golden letter M. The lower part of the sash revealed a papal tiara also made of gold embroidery. The angel's hair, dark blond, short and slightly wavy was completely swept back from his face. His face looked youthful and narrow and he had blue eyes. His hands were folded in prayer. He said:

„The mission of our queen is accomplished.“

He opened out his folded hands in our direction and a golden crucifix appeared in them. A bright light emanated towards us from this cross with our crucified Lord. A little later the angel knelt facing the altar and continued the rosary prayer with us.

Sievernich, 01.03.2004

I began to feel quite hot and an oval light emerged to the left of the altar. Our Lady stepped out of this light. The Immaculate One was clothed in white and had a golden crown on her head. Her hands were folded in prayer. From them hung a white rosary made of white roses as well as the Mount Carmel scapular. She smiled, gliding over to be closer to us and said: „Dear children, sanctify yourselves through prayer, sacrifice and penance! These are times during which my beloved divine Son Jesus shows His mercy. Be merciful as my Son is humble and merciful from the heart. In this way all that threatens to oppose you will vanish into thin air.“

I was able to ask Our Lady who the angel was who appeared to me on Monday, 16th February 2004 in the church of Sievernich.

She replied: „The angel of the Annunciation.“

She put these questions to me: „Do you wish to be faithful to Jesus? Do you want to be humble and simple?“

I replied in the affirmative and repeated according to her wish that I want to be faithful to Jesus, humble and simple.

She leant over to me and I was able to kiss her scapular. Then she glided over my head at which moment a shower of blossom petals descended on us all from her. They were rose petals, white on the inside and blue on the outside. Before touching us, they dissolved.


Sievernich, 03.05.2004

Our Lady stepped out of the oval light. She appeared all in white as Mary Immaculate. She was wearing a wreath of white roses on her head. I said to her: „ I greet you, holy Virgin Mary.“ She smiled and drew closer to us on the cloud.

She said:

„Dear children, I have come to you today to ease your sufferings. Dear children, recognise that the altar is the heart of the church. Pray and make sacrifices for my sons, the priests. You will not yet fully comprehend my words which are also those of my beloved Son Jesus Christ.“

She opened wide her long white cloak under which we were all protected. She said:

„I immerse you all in my immaculate heart.“

Our Lady first approached the people in the choir and traced a cross on each forehead. She then proceeded to do likewise to everyone in the church. She blessed us all again and disappeared.

Sister Faustina was kneeling in prayer at the altar.


Sievernich, 07.06.2004 at 5.22 pm

I saw the bright oval light of Our Lady on the left hand side of the altar. The Immaculate One emerged from this light. Dressed all in white, she was holding the Mount Carmel scapular and a rosary of white roses in her hands. She blessed us and said:

„Dear children, pray, pray, pray! I receive your prayers with gladness and place them into the Sacred Heart of my beloved Son Jesus Christ.

I am calling all nations to come to me!

In the face of adversity and temptation remain faithful to my Son Jesus. Be faithful and you will come to no harm.“

She moved down the aisle of the church and stopped in front of someone from where she blessed us all again. This person was spiritually healed.

The Blessed Virgin said: „I am victor of all battles!“

Thereupon she continued to move among the people, blessing them. On returning to me, I was able to hand over to Our Lady all the petitions I had previously received. On my request to touch her garment with several rosaries, she invited me to touch her feet with them. Holding the rosaries in my right hand, I briefly placed them against her left foot. She blessed us once more and disappeared.


Sievernich, 05.07.2004

I began to experience a sensation of great heat and then saw the oval light of Our Lady to the left of the altar. The Immaculate One, all in white and holding a rosary of white roses with a golden cross, stepped out of this light. The Holy Virgin blessed us all in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

She said to us:

„Dear children, love one another, be humble and merciful! I have come to you in order to sanctify the diocese which has been consecrated to me. Fulfil my Son's and my wish that He might be adored in this church. Then I shall be able to bestow on you the graces of my beloved Son. If you answer my request, the spiritual fruits will reach far beyond this place.“

The Immaculate One opened her cloak which grew ever larger until everyone, both inside and outside the church, was enveloped in it. All those held safe within the Virgin Mary's cloak were surrounded by a wonderful bright light.


Dueren - Feast of the humility of Mary - Saturday 17.07.2004

I wrote the words of this prayer down with the help of Saint Teresa of Avila. She showed me how to pray it.


My Lord and my God, oh my Jesus, to You be praise and thanksgiving at all times. You, one and eternal, are hidden for me in the tabernacle. How much courage and humility it must take for You, Lord, the highest one, to become so small for us and to deliver Yourself into the hands of Your priests as a gift for us all.

Jesus, by concealing Yourself in the tabernacle, You overcome what is lacking in us to be close to You. I want to be still and abide with You in all my troubles and joys so that I can give myself to You. May Your heart beat within mine, may I feel Your love, and may what is mine be consumed in You.

The ardour of Your love gives me the strength I need to see Your way. Grant me, Jesus, the help of Your holy Mother so that I may find the strength to walk Your way without looking to the left or right or listening to the opinions of others. Jesus, my only desire is to see You.

All that is in You is lacking in me. Forgive me Lord, for being so imperfect. Show me what I lack, be my merciful teacher and lead me out of sin. I am nothing, yet with You, cradled in Your love, I can do anything.

Touch me, show me what I can do for You. Oh Jesus, I invite You to come to me. Come, oh come into my unworthy heart. Find Your home within it and grant that I may serve You completely. You can transform me in and through Your love - I beg you to do so!

Jesus, hidden in the tabernacle, priceless treasure from the Father to mankind, sanctify Your priests from whose hands we receive You, our gift. Grant them the courage and humility they need to see You. Show them the awesome divine power of the transubstantiation, the love which You bestow on them.

Touch them and touch young people so that they may follow You. Call them, Lord Jesus hidden in the tabernacle, call them for Yourself and for us, that we may not be alone. Amen.


02.08.2004 - „What marks out a Christian?“

Saint Teresa of Avila put this question to me.

After much pondering, my answers seemed quite inadequate to me. After a short period of silence she replied joyfully: „A Christian is merciful. He leaves judgement to the Heavenly Father.“


Friday, 20.08.2004 - „Where can God be found?“

I heard the voice of Saint Teresa of Avila. She gave me the following task:

„Seek God and tell me where you can find Him!“

I replied: „I find Him in the Eucharist, in the tabernacle, in the sacraments of the church and in the priests.“

After a moment of silence she answered the question with these words: „My child, God meets you repeatedly every day in your neighbour. The Heavenly Father created man in His own image. Therefore it is important that you sanctify yourself in every day life. This is the will of Our Lord.“


23.08.2004 - The Our Father

I heard Teresa of Avila's voice saying: „Patience is the cradle of the Saints!“

After rosary prayers in the church of Sievernich Saint Teresa of Avila was kneeling before the tabernacle. She turned to me saying: „My child, pray with me!“

(Unfortunately I had no pen or paper on me so I was unable to make a note of anything in writing. Only later, at home, was I able to write everything down and hope not to have omitted or altered anything.)

'Our Father who art in heaven...'

Remember that you have a Father in heaven who is almighty and who cares for you. He, the 'all', cares for you because you are His child. Call on the Father and speak with the Eternal One. God, our Father, loves you, you are His creature. The whole of creation rests in His hands.

'hallowed be Thy name...'

Laud, praise and sanctify the Name of our Father in heaven. He will gaze upon you and the Holy Spirit will fortify and guide you. God has created you for Himself, that you might find fulfilment in Him. The more a child converses lovingly and respectfully with his father, the more the father will shower him with his love.

'Thy kingdom come...'

Seek the heavenly Father's kingdom with longing. Regard that which is transient as mere necessity. However, to the kingdom of the Father - the eternal kingdom - you should open your heart wholly and respectfully.

'Thy will be done...'

Not my will, Father, Thy will be done! Father, I place myself into Your hands. They will shelter me if I surrender to You completely. What you desire for me is love alone. Yet only if I abandon myself to You fully, are You able to do Your will for me. Then can I serve You. My will is weak and I am wretched. Without you am I not totally trapped by sin? Therefore I say joyfully: not my, but Your will be done!

'on earth as it is in heaven...'

Heaven and earth - are these not two completely different worlds: the eternal and the temporal? Consider this: God our Father reigns on earth as in heaven. Everything has come from Him, everything is in Him and everything shall return to Him. Seek Him with your heart. Then, within your heart, heaven and earth shall meet.

'give us this day our daily bread...'

The Father cares for His children. Pray and work whilst not forgetting your neighbour!

'and forgive us our trespasses...'

God our Father is merciful when, fully contrite, we ask His forgiveness. Forgiveness is our liberation, our salvation. Seek it often so as not to draw judgement onto yourself.

'as we forgive those who trespass against us...'

Just as the Father shows you mercy, so you must not fail to show it to your neighbour. Do not bind him through blame. Instead free yourself and him through forgiveness.

By putting love into practice, you will place yourself and your 'debtor' into God's hands.

'and lead us not into temptation...'

God, who is love, does not tempt. God, our Father, allows you to experience trials. By these you must mature and recognise His greatness and your smallness. Such 'purifying' processes serve to make you holy. Accept them patiently!

'but deliver us from evil...'

Avoid evil and do not give in to darkness. If you have done something wrong, seek God's forgiveness. In this way you will be delivered from evil.

'for Thine is the kingdom...'

There is only one royal, eternal kingdom - the kingdom of the heavenly Father.

'the power...'

What does God's power enable me to do? Everything. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are my strength.

'and the glory...'

My God, who can measure Your glory, who is able to endure it? Nobody could begin to grasp or portray it in any way.

'for ever and ever. Amen.'

You alone are eternal, my Lord and my God!


Sievernich, 06.09.2004 (5.25 pm - 5.36 pm approx.)

Our Lady emerged as the Immaculate One from a bright, oval light (to the left of the altar from my perspective). Dressed all in white, she was wearing a golden crown on her head. In her hands she was holding a rosary of red roses. She was standing barefoot on the globe. She glided closer towards me and spoke:

„Dear children: pray, pray, pray! Pray and carry out good deeds! For what use are words when deeds are worthless? Pray for your families and especially for those whom you call „bad“. They need your prayers all the more! Recognise that many things must happen and that your prayers are important. I have come in order to distribute the graces of my Son Jesus.“

The Blessed Virgin opens her heart from which rays of light descend on us.

She said:

„One of you is not yet baptised in the Name of my beloved Son Jesus. To you I say: open the door to my Son.

I come to you to give you the gift of my beloved Son Jesus' peace. I desire that you pass on this gift to your neighbours“


Saturday, 11.09.2004 - The way to bear the cross

I experienced a wonderful feeling in my heart which seemed to be opening wide. Then, for a moment, I saw Saint Teresa of Avila a little further away from me. She was standing in prayer on a field of white roses. She blessed me and said:

„Tell all those who suffer to take the cross upon themselves in the spirit of love for the Lord, the Almighty. When they offer it up to Him, it will become a source of grace for them. The love of the Lord alone transforms the cross - suffering - into joy. Those who are the Lord's beloved bear a cross. Tell them, though, that they do not bear it alone, but with Him and He with them, insofar as they open their hearts to Him who is Love. He, perfect Love, transforms the cross. How is He able to do this? It is an ability innate within Himself from the beginning, just as it was, is and always will be in all eternity within the Father. The Lord places the cross onto the shoulders of those who are His beloved in the same way as He, the Most High, carried it. Consider however, that your cross is light and may become for you eternal, heavenly bliss if borne in love for the Lord. Who among you is prepared to take his cross upon himself?“

I was speechless as I thought that none of the people I knew would willingly be prepared to do this. I proceeded to tell her so.

After several minutes' silence she replied:

„My child, he who loves the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is prepared to take his cross upon himself.

Should you be burdened and full of suffering, gaze upon the Crucified One and consider how much the Lord loves you. Take time to do this as this is the only way to bear your cross with Jesus. The secret is therefore to give yourself wholly to the Lord, to trust Him and allow Him to act. Love and the cross go together. The cross equals eternal bliss!“


Friday, 17.09.2004 - Thoughts on self-righteousness

I can hear the voice of Saint Teresa of Avila. She greets me and says:

„Self-righteousness is one of the Adversary's great snares. You should fear nothing more than the 'self' and the thought that you are a good Christian. Were you to consider yourself to be 'good', you could be certain that you are in fact not so. God would take no delight in seeing you thus. Do not look at yourself with your own eyes, rather see yourself with the eyes of the Lord. His eyes look upon you with mercy and healing. So great is the light of love and mercy in which He sees you that you would be amazed at how many shortfalls you have! Only he is good who considers himself to be insignificant, as he sees himself with the eyes of the Lord. Therefore I ask you to be vigilant and pleasing to Our Lord, seeing yourself with His eyes.

I will tell you, my friend, how you can achieve this: pray and ask God to permit you to see with His eyes. This request should come straight from your heart. Do not be afraid to see with His eyes. This will enable you to recognise yourself as well as to be more merciful towards your neighbours and their faults. You will also learn that self-righteousness embodies a huge lack of love and so gives great pleasure to the Adversary. Is it not of utmost importance to us to be pleasing to the Lord, our Saviour? Now embark afresh on your daily path, loving the Lord and giving thanks and praise to Him at the start of each and every day.“


23.09.2004 - Advice on how to deal correctly with the sinner....

I heard the voice of Teresa of Avila. She greeted me and told me of her intention to speak to me on the subject of the sinner.

„My friend, I want you to see that God does not let the sinner remain imprisoned by his sins. If it is the sinner's free will to seek and find God, his Lord, he will embark on that road despite being burdened with sin. The stony steep path then leads him into his soul which resembles a castle.

Do not make demands which God does not make. The Lord is merciful, kind and patient. The burdened sinner proceeds to investigate one room after another in the castle of his soul until, in accordance with the extent of his self-recognition, he finds himself once more in the Lord. Many enter one room, search and easily find their way into the next one until they have discovered the whole castle. Many others who are burdened investigate one room and stay inside for a long time until their recognition leads them further on. Others still, on finding the entrance into the first room, move on to another only to return to the previous one where they discover, according to their level of self-recognition, what was missed on their first visit.

The recognition of which I speak is one that is rooted in the eternal, the Almighty; it is a renewed finding of oneself in the Lord just as it is His will to find Himself in us. You will not succeed in bringing the burdened sinner onto the path to God using force or threats or confrontation. Only by living God's love yourself - living in Him and He in you - will you be able to lead the sinner onto the road of almighty love. He, the Lord, loves the sinner; the sin, however, He despises.

Do not throw stones on one who is laden down with sin: his load is heavy enough. Instead, open for him the way to the Most High. Gently place on his shoulders the light cloak of truth and love. This cloak will be the garment on his journey to God. Contemplate this, my friend.



I heard the voice of Saint Teresa of Avila:

„Make sure that you do not become a burden for your neighbour here on earth. Rather, help him to carry his own cross!“


Sievernich, 04.10.2004 (5.21pm - 5.32pm)

Our Lady appeared as the Immaculate One dressed all in white. In her hands she held a rosary made of white roses. The Blessed Virgin was standing on a cloud. Kneeling to the left of her was Teresa of Avila. The Immaculate One spoke to us:

„Dear children, seek silence. My divine Son Jesus desires that you become listeners, that you listen to His Word. How great is His love for you and thus His most ardent desire is that you are obedient to His church.

Teresa is a pearl from His hand. Her gift to you comes from His hands alone. Be obedient so that you too may be pearls from His Hand. Seek silence! I wish to gather you under my protective cloak.“

She glided high up into the air, came closer to me and spread out her cloak, which reached the church walls. We were all sheltered within it.


Sievernich, 11.10.2004

After rosary prayers in the church of Sievernich, I was praying silently before the tabernacle. Suddenly the tabernacle looked to me as if a large sun were shining within it. There then appeared the Holy Face of Our Lord Jesus Christ, similar to the one on the Shroud of Turin.

Open tabernacle in Sievernich (photomontage)

The living image of Our Lord's countenance was visible on the tabernacle and it was looking at all of us. His Holy Face was surrounded by a golden sun. The size of His Face corresponded with that of the inner rectangle of the tabernacle. He said:

„I am the Lord, your God. I wish to remove from you everything that prevents you from coming to me. I want you to stand before me with your hands empty as I desire to fill them with my love. Give to others the gift of my love, give it passionately and lavishly.“

The Divine Countenance transformed into the Sacred Host which slowly returned to the tabernacle.

Along with several other people, I continued to experience a strong sensation of heat.


15.10.2004, Feast of Saint Teresa of Avila

I heard the voice of Saint Teresa:

„Embark on the journey and seek God, His Majesty, the Lord. Admire His great wonders, praise Him for His graces, for He so enriches mankind that He gives Himself daily in the holy sacrifice of Mass. Find Him in the very depths of your soul as He desires to live in you, transforming you into His living tabernacle. It is your privilege to be His living temple.

Try to apply His ardent wish for your transformation to the way you see your neighbour. Your neighbour must find a way to the Lord through you, His tabernacle. May the Lord's light shine thus in you, that your neighbour may recognise it and also become enflamed for the Lord. The Lord wants you to accommodate Him within yourself, to find Him in your neighbour and in the whole of His creation. However, be wary of placing creation, neighbour and yourself above Him, for He is Lord and everything proceeds from Him in the Father.“



In the evening I heard Saint Teresa of Avila's voice. She put the following question to me:

„My friend, our Queen, the Mediatrix of grace has now appeared to you on numerous occasions. I now ask you in her name to tell me what she has effected in you?“

I replied: „Saint Teresa, I am not able to reply as well as you do, though I will so my best: The apparitions of the Mother of God, the Immaculate One, have engendered great love within me towards her Son Jesus. Moreover... I have recognised how Jesus lives in His church and that to love Jesus means also to love His church.

Our Lady has shown me how Jesus enriches His church through the sacraments as He Himself is in the sacraments. The Immaculate One has told me that, despite the numerous scandals, priests are loved by her and her Son Jesus. A priest is Jesus' successor.

I have gained the following from the apparitions: Love for Jesus and His church from which also flows a sense of obedience towards His church.

Teresa replied thus to me: „This is indeed what the Lord desires from you.“

Thereupon I said: Dear Teresa, you have held a mirror to my soul and instructed me. I thank you! I now make an effort to see my neighbour with the Lord's eyes.

To this she replied: „The reason I am with you is because it is the Lord's wish and most necessary. My friend, just continue with your endeavours!“


Thursday, 21.10.2004

Teresa prayed with me and gave me the following instruction:

„The restlessly searching soul speaks thus: Lord, I sought to find You and gaze in wonder at You and the great miracles You performed. Thus I hurried from one place to another on this earth: where You once lived and there where You and Your heavenly Mother had given signs. I marvelled at everything and was moved to the depth of my soul. Yet as soon as I left these places I became restless, for it seemed that You were no longer near me. I called to You Lord as in my distress I longed to be close to You. Then as I continued many more times to hurry from place to place I still failed to find the peace of Your presence.

It was whilst praying before the tabernacle, Lord, that You came to me, my merciful Teacher. In Your hand You held a golden key and said to me:

„I want to open you to Me“.... and this You proceeded to do. Touched by Your love, Lord, I perceived You within myself. Then You said the following to me: „I want to place my key in your hand. Just as I have opened you to me, making of you my living tabernacle, so you now go and open your neighbour to me with this key. For if you see with my eyes, you will recognise that I desire to live in your neighbour too, as I love him unconditionally.“


Sievernich, 08.11.2004

I heard to the left of me a faint and delicate sound, something between gentle buzzing and humming. A small octagonal star of bright light flew past me and stopped high in the air to the left of the altar. Beneath the star appeared a bright, white light. In it, I recognised the archangel Gabriel. He was clothed in a white garment with a blue, gold embroidered sash tied around his middle. The embroidery consisted of the papal emblem, the letter M at the base of a cross and a circular surround of twelve stars. He said:

„Our Heavenly Queen will intercede for you!“

During adoration of the Blessed Sacrament I was absorbed in prayer when suddenly various people called out from their pews: „The sacred Host...The Christ-child...!“ Alerted by these cries, I now noticed the dark-haired Child Jesus, enveloped in white light, before the sacred Host.

He raised His hand in blessing.

As the priest, Dr. Bündgens, set about adjusting the Host in the monstrance, the Host moved, yet the position of the Child Jesus remained unchanged. The Child was visible to many people for at least fifteen minutes. When the priest removed the Host from the monstrance, the Child Jesus vanished too. I later learned from various pictures that it was in fact the Holy Infant of Prague we had seen and which had appeared on a previous occasion (15.10.2001) in Sievernich.


Sievernich, 06.12.2004

The Immaculate One appeared clothed all in white with a golden crown on her head and a white rosary in her right hand. She was bearing the Christ-child on her left arm. Jesus appeared as a child of about eighteen months old and was wearing a simple radiant white gown. He too had a golden regal crown on His head. The Mother of God was standing on the globe whilst carrying the Infant. Little Jesus held a large golden sceptre in His right hand and the brown Mount Carmel scapular in His left. Rays of gold descended on us from the Holy Child's heart. Both figures appeared from the left hand side, quite close to the altar, and glided towards us.

Jesus said:

„I give you my blessing and peace!“

His voice was somewhat childlike, whilst at the same time lovingly clear and wise-sounding.

He looked at me and asked: „What do you desire from Me?“

I replied: „Jesus, You want to know what I desire? I have been praying for the spiritual centre in Sievernich which is, after all, the wish of You and Your mother. However I do not know where it should be and actually I feel pretty helpless about this matter. I ask You, Jesus, to help me together with Your most holy mother!“

Jesus replied: „Place everything into the hands of your spiritual director!“

I subsequently commended all those present as well as the sick and destitute to the Lord. I was then able to hand rosaries and petitions to the Child Jesus, and as I did so a golden light poured from His heart onto us and all these items.

Our Lady said:

„Dear children, this is my beloved Son! May you, too become His children. You see, when I look at my country, I perceive how many tears my children shed. Come to my Son Jesus! He will transform your tears. He will transform them in His love. Have respect for my little ones, for every single child. Each child is a gift from the Heavenly Father. Understand this and act accordingly. Respect my little ones, for my divine Son Jesus comes to you in every child.“

Our Lady now prays: „Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit...“

I replied „ it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.“



I heard the voice of Saint Teresa of Avila. She prayed with me and said:

Oh Jesus, who are

both divine child and sublime Majesty,

who, amongst us can understand You, who can comprehend Your love for us miserable ones?

So-called clever people consider Your love foolish

yet you simply look at them and love them.

The humble accept your love gratefully.

They are not unsettled by critical wordly eyes,

provided You are with them and love them.

Reveal Yourself to us, Lord Jesus, You who are the Son of God!

Do not forsake us, have mercy on us!

Your love is foolishness for the clever

because You surrender Yourself completely through Your priests.

Who has merited such love, Lord,

who can really claim to have done so?

Oh divine child,

In Your sweetness You come to us.

You shower us with gifts

the clever as well as the humble.

For us You become small

so that we may touch You.

Love is Your sceptre,

mercy is the globe in Your hand,

faithfulness is Your sublime garment

and Your trinitarian Father's omnipotence, oh heavenly child, is Your regal crown.

Peace is Your greeting,

and Your childlike words are a blessing for us.

Oh divine child,

whoever sees You

will recognise that it is You, oh Jesus,

who rules the church and guides it through the ages.

For in order to enrich the lowly

and rule the mighty, His Majesty approves that which is deemed foolish.

Oh heavenly Emperor, look upon us!

Oh divine child, reign among us! Amen.


Christmas Eve, 24.12.2004

I heard the voice of Saint Teresa of Avila:

Savour the blessings of the holy night. Let yourself be consumed by the love of the Lord. Amazing, how much grace was and is continually being imparted to us. His sublime Majesty abandoned the divine throne and, out of love for us, chose poverty and lowliness - so far removed from any grandeur. Why did He do this for us?

Because He loves us, every single one of us; thus His divine Majesty, taking on human form as testimony to His unending love, desired to be close to us. Gaze upon the child in the manger. Can you comprehend what He would like to say to you personally?

'Love, just as I have and will always love. Look at me, take me into your arms so that I may gain access to your heart; grant me your love. Your faith must be a reflection of my living love. I don't want you to look at me, passionately calling to me: „Lord, Lord! I want to be totally loved by You!“ Instead, love me! May your love be alive and ardent. May your words and deeds be a single expression of my love. May your faith be my love in action. In suffering, my love burns like fire. Consume yourself for me as I wish to be one with you!'

Thus the sublime divine Christ child spoke to me on that holy night; thus He speaks to you and to everyone. In a most special way, the divine King calls His priests and all those consecrated to Him to be living witnesses of His love. My friend, if this is how He calls you, His little one, imagine how much more ardently He must speak to His priests?

Then she prayed the following prayer with me:

Holy Spirit, sublime divine power,

open the doors of my heart for my Lord.

Holy Spirit, living power of God,

come to me and revive me.

Holy Spirit, loving Wisdom,

guide me on the path to the Lord.

Holy Spirit, consuming Love of God,

grant me a heart that gives more than it receives.

Holy Spirit, divine faithfulness,

stay with me, that I may follow my Lord Jesus.

Amen.          back top