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Sievernich, 3 February 2003

At around 17.40 Our Lady appeared for about ten minutes. I saw the Mother of God dressed in a completely white robe as seen on the painting of her as the Immaculate One. In her hands, folded in prayer, was a rosary made of blue roses. The Holy Virgin was standing on the globe. She told me that the prayers of those present helped to dry her tears. She then asked me to hold out my hands in the shape of a bowl and to place my prayer intentions into this bowl. I followed her instructions and she took all the petitions into her hands and pressed them to her Immaculate Heart. Thereupon the Immaculate One placed a white rose into my still open hands. She spoke in a gentle, though admonishing voice:

„This time I cannot prevent my Son's cup from tipping over humanity! However, I will hide you under my protective cloak. Pray, pray, pray!“

Later I saw Padre Pio and Pope Pius XII in the church.

On Monday 17th February 2003, I saw Pope Pius XII in the church in Sievernich. Beside him stood a boy of about twelve years old, wearing a suit. Later this boy appeared to me again. He was holding a book in his left hand, and with three fingers of his right hand he indicated the number 3. As I did not know this boy, I described him to the faithful present. Thanks to a prayercard handed to me by one of them, I was able to recognise him as Saint Dominic Savio. I learned that Dominic Savio had been the favourite pupil of Saint Don Bosco, the great patron saint of young people. He was canonised by Pope Pius XII in 1954. I saw him for the third time on 10th March.


Sievernich, 10 March 2003

I saw the Mother of God, Mary Immaculate, dressed all in white. She held a white rosary in her prayerfully folded hands. Gliding through the choir she stood on the globe. She was crying and said:

„I am crying for my sons, I am crying for my daughters. Pray, pray, pray! If humankind does not convert, a war with terrible consequences will arise.“

Our Lady blessed us all and opened her mantle beneath which we were all safe and protected. Below the apparition of the Blessed Virgin, further down and near the children, I saw Dominic Savio. He said:

„I am calling the young people of this church. Do not deny them access to the Father.“


Sievernich, 7 April 2003

Our Lady, dressed all in white as the Immaculate One, stepped out of an oval-shaped light. She requested the adoration of Jesus, her Son, in the Blessed Sacrament. She said:

„I have come to you today to distribute the graces of my Son, Jesus. The beast is still in possession of power on earth. Pray, pray, pray!“

She blessed all those present and enveloped us with her protective mantle. Subsequently I saw Pope Pius XII and Saint Dominic Savio. Dominic was standing near the children. He went up to each child and blessed it.


Sievernich, 19 May 2003

During exposition of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament on Monday, 19 May 2003, I saw the sacred host suddenly changing. Several flecks of blood were appearing on it. This lasted a few minutes. I now recognised on the host the sacred countenance of Jesus comparable to the one I remember on the Turin Shroud. A minute or so later I could hear, from just above me, Jesus starting to speak to me. His voice sounded manly, gentle, sensitive, very clear, soft and simply wonderful. I just hope to be able recall everything accurately, as I was not able to write it down until after the exposition; yet to me it feels as though His words are burnished onto my soul and ever present. He said:

„I greet you and bless you, my little flower. Do you recognise Me?“

I replied, „Yes, Lord. You are Jesus Christ, the Son of God, but You have never as yet spoken to me from the sacred host. In any case I can't remember You doing so.“

Jesus said: „This is my wish. It must be so, I want to be with you. Be faithful to your mission. I have sent my most holy mother, Mary, to you in this church; I sent her to you with My words so that you may comply with everything, just as I desire you to do. Heed her words, her words are also My words. I have chosen you, a simple, normal person, so that people may recognise My action in you, that they may see that which pertains to your nature, and that which you receive from Me. What you receive as My gift, are graces. These are not natural. Your simple nature would not be capable of these. Through you, people can discover that I come to each one of you if only I am invited. I grant salvation and blessings to all people. My mother comes to you all and is visible only to you, because this is my wish. Your mission consists of prayer and dialogue with people. Thus they may find their way back to Me according to their own will. Lead them back to my Body, the Church. Give to them that which you have received from Me: my words, the words of my most holy mother Mary, the words of heaven. This is your path, your mission: be faithful to it. Turn everything else away, as I do not want you to receive worldly tasks which do not correspond to your mission. I do not want that. Hand things over; I can see that you need help and helpers. They are destined for this. Yours is a different path.

My priests, my successors, where are you? Look at Me, are you able to stand up to Me? Do you love Me or do you pursue the temporal pleasures of earthly life? My little one, before I set foot into the world, the Pharisees no longer loved My Father. They were pleasure-seeking and corrupt. They no longer lived according to My Father's word. They judged people thus drawing judgement upon themselves. My little one, how are things today? At this time, shortly before My return in glory, I look to My successors. Who among them still loves Me today? Which of them acts according to My Word? During My life on earth I was maltreated and tormented. The Pharisees were of no help to Me. Indeed they contributed to My suffering. How is it today? Do My priests love and proclaim Me, or do they deny Me for their own sakes? Am I not Love itself, yet how do they, My successors, behave? Respond and examine yourselves in silence, My successors. I know each one of you and therefore I give to My little and humble ones My grace, My word. Due to your misdemeanours you are no longer truthful and for this reason the church in Germany, My Body, is being tormented. I love you and I am calling on you, My successors, to return, return to Me. Love Me, your Lord, just as I love you! Hold out your hand, hold it out to Me today.

This place is set aside for Me and My mother. I want people to construct a centre here, which will serve the Church, My Body, and thus Me. Serve the Father in heaven, Me, the Son and His mother faithfully and honestly. There, all I have taught you and everything the Church says shall be adhered to. Your helpers may feel safe in Me against the Enemy's hostilities and temptations. Simply ask them to pray for you. Each one of them may subordinate his or her personal interests for My sake. This is the mission of your helpers. They are faithful to Me and My mother, thus bearing rich fruit. Above all remember this: that which is willed by Me, comes to pass; I triumph!“


Monday, 2nd June 2003***

On Monday, 2nd June 2003 I went to the cross in the garden of Sievernich, where I had received on 7th October 2002 three keys from the Mother of God. There I wished to honour her in prayer before going to the church. A few people were there, too. Suddenly I saw a very bright white and radiant light coming slowly towards me from the distance. It was dazzling to my eyes. My eyes and nose began to water somewhat. Then the bright oval light was right in front of me and the cross. Out of this lovely light surrounded also by whisps of fog and clouds, stepped Our Lady, the Immaculate One. She touched the cross with her feet. She blessed me and all those present individually. Then she said:

„I greet you and bless you in the name of my Son Jesus.“

I replied more or less as follows: „I greet you, holy Virgin Mary.“

She said: „I have come to you today to bestow on you the graces of my Son Jesus. Pray, pray, pray that in this place I may fill the hearts with the graces of my Son Jesus.“

In prayer I requested her healing and help for several people, according to God's will. I prayed that she might assist these people. She gladly accepted my requests and spoke of a man who would soon be called to his Maker, and of a woman who was receiving help from above. I said to her that I was facing various problems. She spoke the following words to me:

„My little prayer-bead, do not worry. I will take care of those who are mine. I have always called you, a humble person.“

She continued:

„I desire the construction of a faith centre in this place. This is my wish and the wish of my Son Jesus. Satan will make his anger known. I am with you all.“

To this I replied: „I, a simple person, cannot do this. I need help and helpers. Aren't things already difficult enough for me?“

Our Lady said to me: „I am sending you my help and helpers. Just pray! You will not find healing for yourself in this place. Your way on earth is full of thorns. You will only find your happiness with me in heaven. Remember, however, my little one, that without suffering there can be no graces. Simply follow your mission faithfully, do not worry!“

I requested a sign from her and asked for this to be granted soon. Yet she remained silent and smiled at me. This is when I fully noticed for the first time how beautiful and awe-inspiring she was and how comparatively „small“ I was. Have I really only observed this now, or is she becoming ever more beautiful? In any case, she is more beautiful in person, in her apparition, than in any depiction. Then the Mother of God led the way to the church. Everyone followed her. She blessed all present in the church as well as those standing outside.


Sievernich, 14.07.2003

I saw Mary Immaculate step out of the oval radiant light. She glided from the left-hand side of the altar over to me. She stopped above me, bearing a white rosary and the brown scapular of Mount Carmel in her hands. She gave her blessing and spoke to me:

„Dear child, I greet and bless you in the name of my beloved, divine Son Jesus Christ. Pray, pray, pray! Remain faithful and steadfast. I am smoothing the way to my Son Jesus for you. Many priests do not believe that I come here and they deny my Son. They are against you because they are also against my Son. Every day they wound my heart. Remain steadfast and do not allow yourself to be led off the path onto which I have directed you. I have come to you today to give you the blessing of my Son Jesus. This church has been chosen by me. I am calling all nations to me!“


Sievernich, 01.09.2003

Our Lady appeared as the Immaculate One in Sievernich.

She said to me: „Remain faithful to the church. I bestow on you the strength of heaven.“

She blessed the people who were inside the church as well as those standing outside and the rosaries.


Sievernich, 06.10.2003

The Mother of God came to us as Mary Immaculate with her rosary and Mount Carmel scapular. She appeared, as always, seen from my perspective, on the left side near the altar, and floated towards us on a cloud. She blessed us all and I was able to kiss her scapular.

She promised me her protection and help. I asked her for a sign.


Sievernich, 20.10.2003

Whilst praying the rosary in the church of Sievernich, I saw Our Lady Immaculate, all in light, gliding over towards me. In her hand she held her rosary and the scapular of Mount Carmel. She smiled, comforted me and said:

„Love, make sacrifices, pray, but also act!“

She touched my rosary with her scapular and did likewise to the other people she approached. The holy Virgin was accompanied by the archangel Michael who had appeared in the church some time before her. He wore a white gown and carried a sword which he held in front of himself over the ground.


Sievernich, 27.10.2003

After the rosary had been prayed, Mary Immaculate appeared to me in the church of Sievernich. At first I saw the wonderful oval light and then the Mother of God. She moved in the air from the left side of the altar towards me. In her hands she held a rosary and the scapular of Mount Carmel. She said:

„Pray, pray, pray!“

She blessed all those present.

Then I commended to her two sick people in our midst and my family. She prayed with me for a little while and disappeared.


Sievernich, 03.11.2003

Our Lady appeared to me as Mary Immaculate whilst I was praying. She bore in her arms the Infant Jesus aged approximately 18 months. They were both wearing a golden crown. The Christ-child was clothed in a white gown. It gave us a blessing.

I was so enraptured by His love that in an instant I recognised that everything was happening according to His plan. This was comforting to me. At this point the entire vision turned into a sun in the midst of the church. Then Mary Immaculate became visible alone, and holding a rosary and the scapular. I was able to kiss the scapular and she placed in on my head and the heads of all those present.

On 22.11.2003 I was praying before the image of the Immaculate One. I said the following to her:

„Dear Mother of God, I have been through a fair bit, taken on many a burden. Please, please grant that if the time is not yet right for a sign in Sievernich, I may at least receive a small, harmless sign, one that is visible to all. Were you to appear to everyone, many would not be able to cope with that.“ I had bearly uttered these words when the apparition changed. The rays of light behind Our Lady moved around once in a circular motion. She stepped out a little and I heard her say the word „sign“. I continued to pray. The following day, the feast of Christ the King (23. 11. 2003), I was outdoors when I noticed at about 3pm Our Lady's light on a particular part of the lawn. When the light had vanished, I spotted a clearly visible circle of 2.3 metres in diameter, though the grass itself was not in any way damaged. The grass within the circle and around it was of a normal green colour, yet the line of the circle which was approximately 12 centimetres wide, was of a much deeper, richer shade of green. The circle was captured on several photographs and was still visible. In March 2004 the lawn was mown twice, yet even this did not eradicate the circle. On the feast of the Annunciation (25.03.2004) after Mass, Our Lady appeared on that same spot. The circle has since disappeared.


Sievernich, 01.12.2003

Mary Immaculate appeared with the Christ-child on her left arm and the Mount Carmel scapular as well as a white rosary in her right hand. She said:

„Everything is happening as my divine Son Jesus wishes. Remain calm. I recommend to you my gown, the scapular of Mount Carmel. Wearing it constitutes the most profound consecration to my Immaculate Heart.“

The Mother of God moved towards the people with the child Jesus, who blessed them. Suddenly both their hearts opened and the most beautiful rays of light emanated from them towards everyone in the church.          back top