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Sievernich, Monday, January 7th 2002

I see an oval light. The Mother of God is stepping out of this light on the left of the altar. She is all dressed in white. She is floating in the air, standing on a cloud. She is wearing a white dress: a white dress, a white veil with a golden braid. She is floating above us all. She comes to me until she is very close in front of me. She has dark hair. It is almost completely covered by the veil. She has a shining white rosary in Her hands. She says:

“I greet you and I bless you, My children, in the Name of My Divine Son Jesus Christ. I am Mary, the Immaculate, Mary, the Mother of God. Children, your prayers are a great comfort to Me. Call Me, pray, intercede on behalf of My beloved sons, the priests, who are constantly afflicted and seduced by darkness!”

Now I see a circle of white roses around Her. The roses are shining down on us.

“I come to you so you can survive this time of oppression and hardship. I come for My sons, the priests, and for the members of the religious orders. They can dedicate their lives entirely to the church. Hold on to My Son. Stay faithful to the church! This is what I ask you to do. This time you are living in is difficult. But the times ahead will be full of hardships and oppression. This is why today I come to you especially. Do not leave the way to the House of the Father.

You, families, you, My children, I love you. How very much I love you! What can you do for Me? Support My sons, the priests, and the brothers and sisters in the religious orders. Pray for those who have lost the way. Many things are now in a state of disorder. Do not cling to this disorder! Remember the love, the forgiveness, and the mercy of My Son Jesus. My Beloved Son is going to reconcile everything. Dear children, there is so much suffering in your families. Pray with all your heart, and I will come to you and give you My support and assistance which is the support and assistance of My Divine Son.

The Mother is floating in the air, and rays of grace in various colours are coming out of Her heart. Everybody present is embedded in these rays of grace.

“You are receiving the grace of My Beloved Son. I see there is a soul amongst you who is worried about her son. Tell her that I have heard her. Dedicate your son to My Immaculate Heart. I am telling you: I am your assistance in the Name of My Beloved Son Jesus.

Children, call Me when you are in need. I hear you, even if you think that I am not by your side. I am by your side.

I am asking you, children, to please pray, and pray, and pray. It does not matter if I have to tell you over and over again: please pray! What I am asking you to do is important. Prayer makes you holy, and My Divine Son can come and live in you. My Beloved Son allows Me to be with you, because He wants Me to give His grace to you, for My words are His words, and His words are the words of the Father. Come to Me, come to My Blue Oasis of Prayer. This is where I am present. Dear children, there is one more thing I ask you to do: form little churches in your homes, form small oases of prayer so you can and may be close to each other and support each other in Me and Jesus Christ. Become pearls of prayer. Then come and see Me at this church and let Me anoint you so you can grow strong and your soul and your body can be healed. Those who I call today will hear that call in their hearts. I am calling three people. Do you hear Me, children? Pray at your homes. Visit Me in this church as often as possible. This is My advice to you. Follow those of My sons, the priests, who are close to Me.

I am telling you that you are planning a great celebration. Be careful, but go on planning it. The place is yet uncertain. Let Me guide you.”

Mary approaches those who want to confess their sins. She blesses them.

“Confession, the purification of the soul, is a great grace. Please take advantage of it. Free yourselves, children. My Divine Son Jesus and I are so glad about your most sincere confessions. Darkness does not want you to purify your souls, because it does not want you to be sanctified in Jesus. As you take care of your bodies every day, you should take care of your souls on a regularly. Do not neglect your souls. They are made for eternity.”

The Mother floats towards every one of us. Each of the two angels behind Her carries a golden bowl. The Mother of God talks to everyone and blesses everyone. She breathes on the forehead of one soul and blesses . There is a transparent liquid and a transparent ointment in the two bowls. After some time, She returns to Her place.

“Children, please listen to My words. Trust in My Divine Son Jesus. I protect you.”

Now She opens Her coat and covers all of us with it. A bright white light comes from within this coat. We are surrounded completely by this light.

“Come to Me. I shall heal your wounds. Today I give My light to every one of you. It will heal your bodies and your souls. I am with you. This is what I want you to say when you leave this church: “The Mother sees us home.”. You will carry My light home with you in your hearts.” We are shaken by a strong beam of light that comes down on us and penetrates every on of us. “Feel My presence, for it is Me who strengthens you, Mary, your Heavenly Mother.”

Now I see that Her heart is open while we are praying the Rosary of Love. There is a crown of thorns around Her heart.

“I immerse you into My immaculate heart. My song shall penetrate your souls, and you shall hear My voice in your hearts over and over again. My children, you may strengthen the church with your prayers. What a grace for you. I will come to you for some more terrestrial time. Then there will be a new task that is expecting you in the Father. This is certain, I am telling you. Do not give up, you will be allowed to perceive Me, children. So please come and visit Me regularly and live according to the words of My Beloved Son Jesus Christ. You say: “Mother, things are getting worse and worse, how can we possibly still live according to the words of the gospel?” I say:” With My assistance. I will help you immediately the moment you ask Me to do so, children. I shall give you strength. Cheer up, I am your Queen of Heaven. Start today, prepare yourselves, do not waste any more of your terrestrial time! I love you. How could I let you get lost! Do not worry about what is happening on earth. Always be in My Son Jesus Christ. Whatever might happen, I am with you. This is the will of the Father in Heaven. Amen.” The angels, too, say, “Amen.”)

St. Josaphat and Pope Pius XII are sitting on the rear bench next to the altar. Charbel is kneeling in front of the altar and bends his head at every new prayer. He holds a small, blue, shining book in his hands. In front of the altar, on the right and on the left of Charbel, I see Robert Bellarmin, Mirjam of Abellin, Sister Faustine, and Father Pio, who bends his head down to the floor at every prayer. A bright light is radiating from him. He bows and goes to the confessional to accompany those who wanted to confess their sins. The angels are still present.


Sievernich, Monday, February 4th 2002

I feel a great heat. Now I see an oval bright light on the left of the altar. The Mother of God comes from out of this light, shining brightly. She is wearing a white veil that goes down all the way to the floor. This veil is adorned with a golden braid. She is wearing a golden crown on Her head. She is wearing a white dress. Her heart is open. It is shining. There is a crown of thorns around Her heart. The Mother of God has dark brown hair that is tied together in the back. In Her hands, She has a shining white rosary with a golden cross that is shining, too. The Holy Virgin is smiling. She is standing on a cloud. She comes to Me. She says:

“I greet you and I bless you, My children. I am Mary, the Immaculate, Mary, the Mother of God. My children, I am so glad about your prayers! Pray, pray, pray! Keep up your prayers! This is where I am really present. This is how My Divine Son Jesus Christ wants it to be. Oh, My children, I love you so much! My Divine Son Jesus loves you very much! Love Him, children, give Him your love! Children, I am asking you, please pray for Germany! Please pray for My beloved sons, the priests! Pray for the brothers and sisters in the religious orders! My dear sons and priests, My dear sisters and brothers of the religious orders, be faithful to the church! Do not leave the way My Divine Son Jesus has shown you. Dear children, be faithful to My Son Jesus. You, My families, I am calling especially, because I love you. You are the corner-stones of the church of My Beloved Son Jesus. Dear children, I speak to you as Mary, the Queen of Angels.

The Saints are so important! Many times they are forgotten. Many people say they must not be worshipped [anbeten]. Only God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, may be worshipped. Do not worship the saints, but venerate [verehren] them. The saints are the signposts set up to show you the way. You, children, do have a map to help you to find the way home to the house of the Father. This map is the Gospel. But isn’t it much easier to find the way home if, in addition to this map, you have signposts set up for you? These signposts are the saints. They are there to show you the way and to help you. You are more than welcome to ask these assistants of My Beloved Son Jesus Christ for their help. The saints intercede for you with My Beloved Son Jesus Christ and with the Father. So you see how important the saints are in heaven.

Dear children, I am asking you to form small churches in your homes, to form small oases of prayer. I shall come to this church at Sievernich three more times. Afterwards I shall come less regularly. My tool will not be able to see Me every month. But this will not be the end of My visitations at Sievernich. I will call you, My children, in time. But listen to My words: form small, blue oases of prayer. Your prayers are very important for Germany. Pray, children, let the Holy Ghost enter your souls. Do not let your faith become a faith of affluence. Affluence has left many souls with such a stale taste. Children, be flames, be fires of love, so I can come to your hearts, so I can come to you.”

Now she opens Her coat and covers us with it.

 “I protect you, My children, for I am Mary, the Immaculate, the Mother of God. Tell the young woman who is in difficulties that I will help her. She belongs to My Beloved Son Jesus Christ. Darkness must vanish. Her spiritual adviser still needs some time so she can be free. She is in need of prayer.”

Now I see how blood is coming out of Her heart. It flows over us. When it reaches us, it transforms into red, yellow, and white roses. Now She comes to every one of us. I see two holy angels behind Her. Each of them carries a bowl in his hands. Now She stops at a young woman at my right and says: “You came to Me and I was glad. Now you still come because you are curious. I shall therefore implant the love of My Divine Son Jesus in your heart.”

She blesses the young woman. Then She goes and blesses everyone.

“Dear children, I call every one of you to come to Me. No matter what the world is telling you or what the world thinks is right or not: stay faithful to My Son. I send My love to your hearts. Do you feel Me? I am your Mother. How could I let you get lost! I unite your souls to form a blue ribbon, to form My blue ribbon, the Blue Oasis of Prayer.”

Her rays of light are coming down on every one of us. Now She is floating in the air in the middle of the church, above our heads.

“Children, do not be afraid, come and find the way to your Mother! How many times did I come to you! Turn around! Convert! What the world tells you to do is not beneficial. The world consists of restlessness, anxiety, and darkness. All this will not be able to enter your minds if you let Me enter your hearts, because I will protect you. Darkness must vanish as soon as you call Me. Call Me, I am with you, I am the door! If you pass this door, you will get to My Beloved Son Jesus. I am asking you therefore to form small oases of prayer in order to strengthen your bodies and your souls. I will bless you. I will give you strength in the Name of My Divine Son. Love and forgive each other, just as My Son Jesus did. Jesus is your salvation. How much you love the world, and how little you love My Son. He loves you so much, just the way you are! Come to Him, just the way you are. He will guide you, He will show you the way to the House of the Father. Children, do not be afraid! This is the way of the almighty love, of love itself.

What I want to tell you: do not pay attention to what will have to happen in the world. Everything has to be purified, because darkness is in the world and tries to precipitate the souls into disaster. Pray, whatever happens! If you pray, My song will penetrate your hearts and will be with you no matter what happens. I will stay with you. When you walk out of this church, you will carry Me in your hearts.

To the woman in trouble I say: I have heard your prayers. Pray and forgive! Try to find a different way if you suffer. You must not endanger your health. Forgive those who have done you wrong in confession. Forgive them and try to find an other way.”

Mary blessed us and retreated slowly into the light. The holy angels are still present. Now I see Mary all in gold, floating in the air, sitting on a throne. Underneath Her I see Charbel, Sister Faustine, Mirjma of Abellin, Father Pio, Pope Pius XII, and Robert Bellarmin. They pray while they are kneeling in front of Her. While the angels stay behind with us, Mary disappears.


Sievernich, Monday, March 4th 2001

I see a bright oval light on the left of the altar. It is getting very warm. The Mother of god is coming out of the light. She is all dressed in white. She is wearing a white veil ornamented with a golden braid that goes down all the way to the floor, and a white dress that is ornamented with a golden braid around Her neck. Her hair is tied together under the veil. Her hands are folded in prayer. In Her hands, I see a rosary. It is red! The cross of the rosary is golden. The Mother of God is standing on a cloud, and I see three roses on this cloud: a white, a golden, and a red rose. She blesses us, smiles, and says:

“I greet you, and I bless you, My children. I am Mary, the Mother of God, Mary, the Immaculate. My Son sends Me to you, My Divine, Beloved Son Jesus Christ. My children, your prayers dry away my tears. Oh children, pray! Do not only say the words, pray with all your heart. Pray like this, so I can be with you entirely. This is the will of the Father in Heaven, this is the will of My Divine Son Jesus Christ. Become pearls of prayer, My children, do not give up! Those who have come to Me today will receive the grace of My Son Jesus Christ as a gift.”

Now She advances towards the people and blesses everyone. Two angels with golden bowls step forward and follow Her. She stops in front of two men and says:

“You have not come here because you believe. I want to strengthen you and to bless you with the Power of My Beloved Son Jesus.”

She blesses a small boy and breathes on his forehead.

“The Mother I am telling: I have heard your prayers. Go and pray, return to My Son completely.”

Then She returns to Her place. She says:

“Dear children, I am your door. But this month is the month of My beloved Joseph. Joseph, my bridegroom, My husband on earth, the foster father of My Divine Son Jesus. Joseph is your protection. He takes care of you. Do not forget his immense work. Confide in him lovingly. This is right and it is the will of My Divine Son. The world has forgotten Joseph’s virtues. You, children, must not forget them. You, too, shall be married to Joseph in your everyday lives. He will help you and stand by your side. Pray, children, pray for peace in this world! Pray!”

Now I see how the heart of the Mother of God opens wide and how rays in various colours descend on all human beings. The people are being immersed in these rays. Now the Holy Virgin rises up high into the air and stands on the world. I see how war confuses mankind, and how a blue rosary is tied around the earth. The earth is now surrounded by a blue light that makes all human beings find peace after all the events that have happened before.

She says:

“In My Son Jesus you will find the peace you will not be able to find on earth. He is love itself. Children, live the Gospel. Start to live it today. Do not wait to start until tomorrow and let Me take you to My Son Jesus. There is only one way to My Son: love and mercy. May this be your way, children. Whoever is not kind and merciful, does not carry the love of My Son in his heart. It is therefore very important for you, children, to forgive and to do penitence. This is the way. No other way will take you to My Son. Children, I do ask you once again to form small blue oases of prayer. I shall pour My blessings into these oases, the blessings that are the blessings of My Beloved Son Jesus Christ. I am entirely present in My Blue Oases of Prayer.

Dear children, I ask you a favour: look, My tool, which I have chosen, is weak. Therefore, I do not want her name to be known and I want her to be unmolested. It is Me who blesses you. My tool receives My grace and hands it on to you in accordance with the will of My Beloved Son Jesus Christ. For Me to be able to continue to give My grace to this My small flower, she must remain very small and simple-minded. She has to be free. Will you satisfy My request? Pray for her, for she, too, can do nothing more for you than to intercede for you with Me and My Son.

My little flower, I love you and I bless you in the Name of My Beloved Son Jesus Christ.

There is a man who wants to save his marriage. Tell him: It is only in freedom that love can grow. Love and freedom cannot exist without each other. Let go and keep on praying.

Dear children, I see your concerns and preoccupations. Anneliese, Anneliese, I see your sorrows, too. Stay faithful to My Son! Pray! And everything will work out fine.”

Now She comes to us.

“I bless you, mother of five children. I gave them to you in the Name of My Beloved Son Jesus. I give you strength. You can find strength in Me. Children are gifts given to you by the Father in Heaven. Even if they require a lot of effort and energy, you have to follow the way of My Son Jesus with them. Do not leave them alone!

Dear children, let Me anoint you. Let Me anoint you even if you cannot always see Me. I have blessed this place. May it be a place of worship. Children, keep on praying here. I have blessed this place, even though you will not always be able to see Me here. This is where I distribute the graces of My Beloved Son Jesus Christ. This is My wish: go on praying to My Son Jesus in this place! Keep up the worship. I will always be with you. I shall see you home and I shall protect you. I ask you to pray every day, so I can be in your hearts, children.

My tool will ask somebody to do a painting of Me, to paint Me just the way I have come to Sievernich and the way I shall return as Mary, the Immaculate. This painting will bless you. It will free you of darkness, since I bless My images.

Children, I love you. Pray, pray for Germany so it will not get lost.”

She is transformed into light. Now I see Charbel, who bows his head at every prayer, Pope Pius XII, Josaphat, Sister Faustine, and Mirjam of Abellin on their knees in front of the altar. The angels are still present.  


Sievernich, Monday 15/4/2002

I see in the sanctuary an oval shaped, bright light. At the same time I start to feel very warm. I see the Mother of God as the Immaculate One. She is standing to the left of the altar. She is on a cloud and barefoot. The cloud is surrounded by a semicircle of three roses which are respectively white, gold and red in colour. The Mother of God has her hands folded in prayer. In her hands she holds a rosary. The „Hail Mary“ beads are blue and the „Our Father“ beads are white. She begins to speak and blesses us:

„I greet and bless you, dear children. I come to you on behalf of my divine Son. I am Mary, the Mother of God, Mary Immaculate. I have come to you, my children, in order to bless each one of you. Children, it is necessary that I come to each one of you. I come to you as your Mother. Your prayer pleases and comforts me. I love you, my children. Be my prayer beads!

My beloved priests, I am calling you! Come to your Mother. Unite and follow me. May you strengthen each other. Be there for each other. United for my Son, Jesus Christ and together with Him and me, His heavenly Mother, you will be strengthened.“

Now Our Lady goes to everyone individually, followed by two holy angels dressed in white. I see her blessing everyone with a transparent ointment. She stops before a woman in a white jacket who has short hair. She says to her:

„I have called you. You must stand faithfully by my Son, Jesus. Come to me, my child!“

She goes on to another young woman, blesses her and breathes on her forehead. Then she goes to the people standing outside the church. She speaks these words:

„I give you the gift of my grace, the same as to those inside this church. Therefore, do not be afraid! I am with you!“

She returns with her angels to her previous place. Now I can see her open radiant heart. Colourful rays beam towards us from her heart. Some of them fan out and envelop us all.

„Dear children, bring your worries and problems to me in prayer. Pray, ask and implore from your heart and I shall be with you. I have chosen this place, this church, and blessed it with the power of my divine Son. I will be here with you whenever you call me from the heart. I bestow my grace on you. The source of this grace is my beloved, divine Son. Yet it is I who will give you a sign of my love“.

„Dear children, live together in peace. Do not allow Satan to tempt you and enter your families. Pray for all family members. Consecrate them to my Immaculate Heart. Children, do not pay attention to the discord on earth. Pray for peace. Pray and implore for those who appear to be powerful but in fact are not. Consecrate them to my Immaculate Heart, that I might speak to them, that they may hear my voice.

Tell my dear soul who came to me from afar that I love her, as I am with her. She bears her love to my Son, Jesus. Pray ardently from your heart. Tell your companion from me: „Be faithful to Jesus, my Son. He will guide you. Your merit lies in silence.“

Dear children, I have come to you today to show you my blessed place. Here I will always be present when you call me from the heart. Here I desire your prayers. Earth is falling into chaos. Such disarray exists where neither my beloved Son Jesus nor I are present. Yet he who knows my Son, Jesus Christ, and me will not descend into this confusion.

Children, even if you should consider it superfluous, I will mention this time and again: by your pure prayers from the heart you, children, can save the world! It depends on you whether I distribute my graces, which are the graces of my divine Son, Jesus. Hear my words: pray! pray! pray!

I will accompany you to your homes. There you must live my Son`s love. Live the Gospel and burn with love. Live through the sacraments, for they heal you. Pay heed to my words. Live through the sacraments. Everything I have said to you, all my words, are true. They are the words of my beloved Son, Jesus Christ and the words of the heavenly Father.

You, my children are under my protection. Today I place everyone who has found the way to me under my shielding cloak.“

Our Lady now rises up, becomes larger and opens her cloak from which a bright, warm light emanates. This cloak envelops all of us including the people standing outside the church.

„Children, I desire that during the month of May, you offer special prayers for peace in the world. Consecrate your places to my Immaculate Heart. This is my wish. My grace which is the grace of my Son, be yours. Grant me my wish; please, grant it to me! Soon I will speak to you together with my Son. My Son Jesus loves you so very much. He sent me to you, so that you do not become confused or lost but that rather, despite all obstacles, you might see and follow His path. You can do this with me. With my help the journey will be easy. I give you my promise.

My priests, I bid all of you to come to me! Deacons, you labourers in the vineyard, I am calling you, too. Do not allow yourselves to be led astray. Live the Gospel. Hold on firmly to the truth - my Son Jesus. All that is diseased will pass. I will prepare the coming of my Son. This is His will. It is the will of the heavenly Father.

Look at my crown, my child. My beloved Son gave it to me. It is His present for me. It is His sign. Thus you too, children, may hope to receive His love. Love Him with all your heart. Love Him in your simplicity. It is love that opens up the gates of heaven for you. My children, be faithful to my Son. Be merciful towards those who slander you for His sake. I love you.“

Whilst reciting the rosary before Mass, I see Sister Faustina, Saint Charbel, Robert Bellarmin, Pope Pius Xll as well as Mariam of Abellin in front of the Altar. They bow their heads at every „Hail Mary“.


Sievernich 13/05/2002

Whilst praying the Rosary I feel a sensation of heat welling up within me. I see a bright, oval shaped light to the left of the altar. Our Lady steps out of this light. I see the Mother of God as the Immaculate One with a gold crown on her head. In her arm she bears Jesus who comes to us as a little child. He is wearing a white gown, just like His Mother. His head is radiant. His hair has a golden glow. The Mother of God, holding her Child, stands barefoot on a cloud. At her feet three roses form a semi-circle. Now she approaches me with her Son Jesus. The Christ child holds a globe with a golden cross on the top in His left hand and a gold sceptre in His right hand. The sceptre shines brightly. Our Lady begins to speak:

„I greet you and bless you, my children. I am Mary, the Mother of God, Mary Immaculate. Today I am coming to you with my beloved, divine Son. Receive His love, receive His grace! See, this is my beloved, divine Son!“

She raises Jesus up and many rays of light emanate from Him to the people present.

„Today I wish to appeal to you: pray, burn with love for Him! He is the Alpha and the Omega. He is your beginning and end. My beloved Son will address you.“

As Jesus begins to speak, a bright ray of light shines from Him:

„Dear children, I bless you in the Father. I come to you as merciful Saviour. As the heavenly Father's child do I come. I am King in all simplicity, I am the King of love. May you, too, become children of the heavenly Father. Do not be concerned if the world harangues you. Retain a simplicity of heart and love me and the Father in Heaven. Show Him all your love. Place your trust in the heavenly Father and in me, His Son, Jesus Christ. I come to you today, to bestow my graces on you. I have heard all your concerns, worries and troubles. Pray and be faithful to me. I am your help, I am your Saviour. Your salvation consists of becoming like a child; a child of the heavenly Father. This, in itself, is paramount.“

As I gaze into the child's eyes, I see the whole of Jesus' life on earth. Then I see a part of heaven. I see Jesus glorified on His throne. He says these words:

„My little ones, love one another. It is love which leads you to me. He who is the least among you will enter the heavenly kingdom. There will be no obstacles to bar his way. Therefore take care not to seek to be great in the world, but little and exclusively mine. Remain completely in me!“

I now see Our Lady carrying her divine Child to the people. Jesus blesses them individually. The Mother of God moves with the Child to the sanctuary, then to the sacristy. They are followed by two angels dressed in white. After a while they leave the church and go outside in order to bless those gathered there. Outside they stop in front of a young woman with dark, shoulder-length hair. Jesus blesses her and kisses her on the forehead. The heavenly Mother now takes Him to all those waiting outdoors. They then re-enter the church, stopping along the way before a bespectacled woman with longish grey hair who is wearing a black jacket. This woman is kneeling in the pews of the left-hand nave. Our Lady now makes her way to a religious wearing glasses standing a little further away. Jesus speaks a word to her. Unfortunately I don't understand it as it is in Hebrew. The Mother of God returns to the sanctuary with the Child Jesus who says these words:

„Little ones, you, too need to respect the lowly and weak. I myself will open the gates of heaven for them. You, the proud, are humbled when I speak to you as a child. You do not accept this. Yet I am able to come to you as King or as a child. I contain it all, as does the Father from whom I come to you. I am one with Him. How can you understand me if you do not become like children yourselves! This is addressed also to my priests and religious: become very small, burn with love so that I may be with you; so that, in the Father, I might give you the crown of life. Amen.

The Mother of God smiles: „These are my beloved Son's words to you!“

The hearts of Jesus and Mary are radiant; we are all bathed in their light as Mary says:

„Have you understood the words of my Son, Jesus? Take them to heart. Now, who amongst you is prepared to become small for the sake of Jesus? I will help you in this if you but try. If you want to be small, you take the road to salvation. This path leads to my Son. Do not pay attention to the world, or to fame and honour. Instead turn your gaze to my beloved Son, Jesus Christ.“

We are now all being bathed in a reddish light. Mary says:

„My children, I have blessed this place, this church, with the power of my beloved Son, Jesus. In this church, He continues to shower you with His graces. I shall return to this place. In October I will come to you in this church and until then, though invisibly, I will accompany you in this place of grace. The graces which my Son, through my intercession, will bestow on you in this church, will show that I have blessed and appeared in it. My Son's work has not yet come to an end. Pray, implore from the heart. Though you do not see me, I am nevertheless with you!

Today I wish to give strength to all here present and in particular to my beloved sons, my priests! Receive my strength!“

Her words to an Indian priest follow: „My son, I have called you. Remain strong in me!“

To another priest she says: „My son, you have had much to suffer. I am with you. Offer everything up to my Son!“

You, my little prayer bead, do not be afraid! It is I, the Queen of heaven, Mother of the Saviour, the Immaculate One, who comes to you. You are able to see me and I am speaking to you. You can see the graces I give to Germany. I want to save her and her people who implore me. Come to me, you who burn with love. As for you who are diseased and desperate, I am your strength. My Son is your salvation!

My children, your prayers are my comfort. Come to me, I will not abandon you. I am with you. Such is the wish of my divine Son, and of the heavenly Father. Let my presence shine out from you, too. Be merciful and compassionate. Live the Gospel. Seek strength and healing in the sacraments of the church - my Son Jesus' gift to you. Be faithful to my Son. Be steadfast in everyday life. It is the daily routines that oppress the soul. Together with me, children, you can overcome everything, provided you give yourself to my Son.

I love you and bless you. Reflect on all of my words. Read the words of my beloved Son daily so that you remain in Him. Pray, pray, pray!

I will protect you and this country of mine. Amen.“

Mariam of Abellin, Sister Faustina, Saint Josaphat, Charbel and Pope Pius XII are kneeling in front of the altar during rosary prayers.


Sievernich, Monday 7.10.2002

I am greeted by Our Lady in a particular place in Sievernich to which she had asked me to come. I can see three lightning flashes in the sky followed by the Immaculate One descending to me. She steps out towards me from an oval light. She is very close to me. I feel as if electrified.

She says to me: „Greetings, my little prayer bead. I am Mary Immaculate, Mary, the Mother of God. Here I am handing over to you the keys of my beloved divine Son, Jesus Christ. Keep silent about this, keep silent! The keys will serve you as a weapon against any darkness. You know what will happen now.

I will now go to my children in order to bless all those who have come to me. I bless you, too, little bead, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. My priests, my priests, I am inviting you to come to me. I am your mother. Do not abandon my Son, Jesus! He is my divine, much loved Son. He is your King. A King of regal simplicity.

I bless your devoted helpers. Today I shall go to a woman whose son is sick. They both came to me today. My beloved Son's blessing be with you, just as I am with you.

Go now to the church!“

The Mother of God goes ahead of me. I follow. She goes to the people waiting outside and blesses them. She leads the way to the sacristy. Inside the church I see the Immaculate One gliding through the nave, blessing everyone in passing. She enters the sanctuary, accompanied by two angels who follow on a little behind her.

She says: My child, you have now received my keys. Do not worry. Everything must take its necessary course. I am the Queen of Heaven, Mary, Immaculate.

Dear children, I invite you to come to Sievernich. Pray and come to my church, the church of my beloved, divine Son. In this church you receive from me my beloved, divine Son's graces. I have come to you today in order to heal your wounds. Pray, children, pray! You need only to plead from the heart and my Son will grant you many graces. Today, a woman here present, is the recipient of the gift of peace of mind. This gift from me, through my divine Son Jesus, has lifted the burden which has troubled her.“

The Mother of God now approaches the children to the left of the altar and light flows over to them from her. She glides upwards and holds open her cloak.

She speaks these words: „My children, seek shelter under my cloak. I want to protect you. I am your mother.“

All present, indoors and outdoors are enveloped by her cloak. At the same time everyone is bathed in a wonderful light. Rays of light emanate from her open heart and a fan of light reaches each person. Her crown has an extraordinary glow and I see twelve stars forming a circle around her head.

Everything I say to you will happen. The world will not love my Son. Worldly man does not consider the great might of my divine Son. Instead, he lives as if there were no Father in heaven. After some more time has elapsed, you will see that the events I predicted in Fatima will take place. A while longer, and the first key I gave you will be fulfilled. Give the keys solely to the Holy Father, my beloved shepherd in Rome. Do not reveal anything, you will not be believed. Yet everything will be fulfilled as stated.

I love my children and will not let them perish. I have come to you for your salvation. Such is the will of my beloved divine Son, Jesus.

Say the following to this priest: Take courage. I will give you everything I am with you. My Son is at work, as am I, together with Him.

Children, live the Gospel. Even though you do not always see me or hear my words, I see and hear what you do. Heed my request and pray. I am your mother and I will not abandon you.

I have blessed you all. This is the wish of my divine Son, Jesus. I give you my grace. Grace for the son with his mother. Grace for these men, women and children. I love the children who come to me. For I am their heavenly mother. I also appeal to my priests. Respect my little ones, respect them!“

The Mother of God is holding the church in her hands: „I have chosen this place in a special way.“

She says to a priest: „Remain silent and pray. I have shown you the way. When my Son wishes it, I will give you my sign. Everything will be fulfilled.“

She now moves over to us in the sacristy. She blesses us all.

„I am appealing to you! My children, hear my call to prayer, sacrifice and penance. Worldly people will not understand my call. However, according to my Son's wish, my action in this church will show them that everything I say is the will of the heavenly Father, and that it is in His plan that I should come to you before this immense upheaval.“

I see her standing on the globe and the earth being shaken. This is followed by storms, rains and the whole of nature thrown into disarray.

„Go to my Son, believe in my beloved divine Son. My priests will save the world! Hear my words: my priests and those who are mine will save the earth and its people! Take courage! I am with you, even if you do not see me. Turn back, children, turn back. You will be able to bear everything with me. Without me you will lament.“

Our Lady shines like the sun.

„My child, I am your comfort. I love you. Come to me, I am your mother. Children, I am in this place. Come to me!

You, my little prayer bead, are experiencing trials. However, everything is happening according to my Son's wishes. For you it should suffice that I am with you.“

Now a large and narrow golden cross with rays appears.

„My children, I am drying your tears. Be faithful to the Catholic Church. Whatever happens, whatever the trials she suffers, be faithful to her. This is the way of the truth. Do not judge her. My divine beloved Son says: „ See, I make everything new!“

Receive my blessing. I am happy that you have come to me. Those who pray from the heart, are a pure joy for me. I love them! They are a comfort to me and they dry my tears.“

Our Lady glides upwards and disappears in the light. The angels are still present.

I now see kneeling in prayer before the altar: Padre Pio, Charbel, Mariam of Abellin, Pope Pius XII, Robert Bellarmin, Sister Faustina and Josaphat.          back top