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Dueren 8/6/2000

On 8 June 2000 I was praying at home before the picture of Our Lady of Maria Einsiedeln. Whilst praying I suddenly heard the voice of the Mother of God. She said the following to me:

Dear children, I greet you and bless you in the name of my beloved divine Son, Jesus Christ. It is He who bestows on you love, salvation and blessing. I come to you on His behalf.

Dear children, gather together in prayer. I have called each one of you. May you in turn call on the Name of my divine Son, Jesus Christ! Become living prayer beads of my Rosary; this is my dearest wish. Become my Rosary. Each smallest bead is important and together they are joined into an effective prayer. I am calling you, though you yourselves must decide whether or not to follow my call. My divine Son would like this free decision from you. Out of love you must decide for Him.

Become my living Rosary!


Dueren 3/07/2000

On 3 July 2000 I was again praying before the picture of the Black Madonna of Maria Einsiedeln. Whilst praying I received once more the words of Our Lady as follows:

Take your pen and write! I greet and bless you, my children. I come to you on behalf of my divine Son. I am Mary Immaculate, the Mother of God.

See what I have prepared for you. Go and fulfil my dearest wish, which is also the wish of my divine Son. This means grace. Grace for you who fulfil God’s will. Grace for the church, my divine Son’s house, and grace for His servant (the Holy Father) whom I have called and continue to call as my son to the priesthood. Create a divine temple in your hearts and come together to the glory of God in my divine Son’s House. I will be with you and each one of you will feel my presence; this is God’s will. My children pray, pray, and call on my divine Son!


Dueren 25/07/2000

During prayers on Tuesday, 25 July 2000, at around 8.45pm, I again received the words of Our Lady before the picture of the Black Madonna of Einsiedeln. She said this to me:

I greet and bless you, my children. I am Mary Immaculate, Mary the Mother of God. I come to you on behalf of my dear divine Son. My will is the will of my dear Son, Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Listen, my children: do not waste any more earthly time. Do not hesitate. Carry out my Son’s will, so that He can impart to you His salvation, which is the only true grace: the healing and blessing grace of God. My children, I speak to you as a mother. Go into my dear Son’s house and humbly pray. I will be with you. I will immerse you in my heart, so that your souls may be strengthened and adorned by God’s love alone. Be ready, this is my call to you, be ready!


Sievernich 07/08/2000

On Monday 7 August 2000, the first prayer meeting of the ‘blue oasis of prayer’ took place in the parish church in Sievernich. At first I experienced a sensation of intense heat. Then Our Lady appeared to me during prayers. She was dressed completely in white with a red heart surrounded by thorns on her chest. She was radiant and very friendly. To my right and left I saw two pillars of white roses. Behind her was a bright, oval shape of light. Initially she stood (seen from my perspective) to the left of the altar and later floated nearer to me. She said:

I greet you and bless you, my children. I am Mary Immaculate, Mary the Mother of God. I come to you on behalf of my divine Son, Jesus Christ. Feel my presence, I am totally with you. I am glad that you, the beads of my Rosary, are in the blue oasis of prayer, just as I am wholly within it. In these earthly times there are but a few of you. However, my song is reaching the world and very soon, my children, you will be many Rosaries! You shine out because I am with you, you, the roses of my Rosary.

Have pity and pray for my children. Especially for those who cannot find the way to my dear divine Son. Be merciful to those people just as my Son was merciful. My coming is intended solely for the Church. What is destroyed and scattered, I unite in the Name of my dear divine Son. My song, dear children, comes down to you and penetrates your very souls. I cradle you into my immaculate heart. Immerse yourselves and be reflections of my heart. The Mother goes before her divine Son. Apostasy reigns throughout the world; yet I call those who are mine just as I call you each day. Be alert and pray the beads of grace. Open your hearts to me and my heart, too, will be open for you.


Sievernich, September 4th 2000

On Monday, September 4th 2000, the second meeting of the Blue Oasis took place in the church of the Parish of Sievernich.

I began to feel very warm, and it was as though I was floating in the air. Then I saw the Mother of God who was standing on the left of the altar of the church. She was wearing a coat blue as the sky which reached all the way down from her head to her feet. The coat was richly ornamented with golden roses. Under her coat she was wearing a white gown. She had folded her hands in prayer. Her head was slightly bowed to the floor; her eyes were closed. There was a golden rose on her left foot. She was surrounded by a golden, oval light.

She said:

„I greet you and I bless you, my children. I am Mary, the Immaculate, Mary, the Mother of God. I am very happy about your prayers. Pray, my pearls, give pleasure to the Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ.

Dear children, I am your Mother and I love you with all my heart. I am with you. My, children, I ask you to pray, to talk to my Son and to talk to Me. Pray for the children, because the darkness is in the world. You, who go through this tribulation, please note that the tears I shed are especially intended for Germany. Until I have fortified My Empire completely in Love, this My beloved country will have to bear lots of suffering. But when I see Germany I see that the hearts of the people have turned away from My Son. Do not think that the revelations I gave to you in Fatima are obsolete. But look, it necessary for you to pray, to beseech Us desperately. You calm My Son. Dear children, seek My son every day. Look, it is necessary!

My beams, My flames of Love I pour on you, on you and especially on those priests that have remained loyal to me. I wash your hearts with my tears so you step before My Son with pure hearts. My heart is your heart, and your heart is Mine. Dear children, pray, and My song will take you to Me wherever you are!”


Sievernich, October 2nd 2000

On Monday, October 2nd 2000, (the Feast of the Guardian Angels), the third meeting of the Blue Oasis started at 5.30 p.m. at the church in Sievernich.

At first I started to feel very warm, then I saw a white fog at the left of the altar. Suddenly the Mother of God was standing there in a white gown and a skyblue coat, which was adorned with golden stars. This coat went down from Her head to Her feet. She said:

„I greet you and I bless you, my children. I come to you in the name of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ. I am happy about your prayers. I call you every day, my children, and so I invite you to pray every day.

Dear children, how busy would My Son be if He did not have His messengers? How much would you be in trouble if there were no angels, no messengers from Heaven? Dear children, they make you strong and guide you on the ways of Faith. Please think of the holy angels. They take to earth the blessings of My Divine Son, the blessings of Heaven. Darkness torments people so much, because people have turned away from the angels, the messengers of Heaven. Do not forget them! Call on them every day, because the angels intercede for you incessantly with Me and My Divine Son. Dear children, I am with you. I want to strengthen you, because I love My children. May the Holy Ghost come over you and heal your bodies and your souls. Dear children, do not despair, pray, pray! It is very important for you to pray with innermost love. It is important for you, my children, to unite to form My rosary.

(Some personal messages:)

„For My priest:

My dear son, be careful, because not all your words, be they true and right, are interpreted correctly by the people. Consider everything thoroughly, just as My Beloved Son did. Rely on Him completely. He will guide you, because you act perfectly in His Name. Dear son, I see your tribulation, and remember, I am with you, you are not alone.

Dear children, do not think that I do not see your pain and your tribulation when you come to me. You tell Me about them in silence, but do not think that your pleas get lost. I hear your pleas and I give them to My Son. Today I come to every one of you and I touch your souls. Be blessed, be one with Me and with My Son. If you pray, My Son will come to help you, because I shall intercede for you. I shall transform your pains, that are like thorns, into flowers. Be sure, I hear you and I am with you. Unite, my children, be my rosary. My rosary will maintain and renew the Church, the Church of My Son Jesus Christ. Nothing will be the way you know it today. The Church will go through great changes. But this is why I am with you. Before the events I prophesied in Fatima come true, many smaller, insidious events will have to take place, that My Son will have to allow to let happen in order for you to get saved. Unfortunately, there is no other way, because people more and more dissociate themselves from God and only very few do perceive My Song. Materialism is the idol mentioned in the Apocalypse. It confuses people’s souls. Therefore, my children, be careful regarding what you see and hear and consider carefully the way you think and the way you act, because darkness is very busy. But I have come to you, I come to your aid. Dear children, I love you, do not be afraid, be in God! For, wherever there is the Father, the Son, the Mother, those things, that are not Us, have to flee!”

After these words had been spoken and while the Mother of God was still there, the statue of Jesus on top of the altar moved. He opened His arms up wide, opened His mouth and said something. Unfortunately I could not understand anything. Later on, during Father Kleemann’s sermon, I saw a few golden Hebrew letters.


Sievernich, November 6th 2000

On Monday, November 6th 2000, the fourth meeting of the Blue Oasis took place in the church of Sievernich. At first I felt a great heat. Some time later the Holy Virgin appeared, dressed in a blue coat and a white gown. She held a golden rosary in her hands. She was standing at the left of the altar, her eyes gleaming. She said:

„I greet you and I bless you, My children, you pearls of the Blue Oasis of Prayer. I am Mary, the Immaculate, Mary, the Mother of God. I come to you, to every one of you! I am happy about your prayer and I see your suffering; but see, today I come to you to soothe your pains. Give your suffering to My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, and to Me, His Mother. Every one of you is blessed by My Beloved Son. In Accordance with His Will, I transform you in His Love. I transform your thorns, your burden, into flowers. I transform you completely, and I lead you to My Son, who lives in the Father. Today I return to make your bodies and your souls strong. Don’t be sad; if you do not see me, I am with you anyhow. Be sure that this is so in accordance with the Will of My Divine Son. I will give strength to My Blue Oasis, for I am with it.”

Meanwhile the Holy Virgin speaks the following words, She rises high up into the air, and a multi-coloured light, that emanates from Her, a brightly coloured ray of light, is cast upon the people in prayer.

„I send My Light down to you, My Beams of Light surround you, you, My pearls of prayer. Pray and remain loyal to My Son. The world does not have a high regard for prayer and it is not valued highly. But, dear souls, is it not prayer alone that can heal you? The grace of prayer is not to be found anywhere else, it can be found in prayer only. Talk to the Father, the Son, the Mother, if you pray. Be aware of talking to them. Experience and practise this deep, warm, and sincere kind of communication every day. I put My Song into your souls, everybody receives My Grace from you. I ask you in particular to pray for the members of your families, so I can enter into their hearts. With your assistance I will find a way to their hearts, if only secretly.

You, my children, will only live to see the Church diminish. But the young generation that is now in need of prayer will rebuild and renew the Church. Look, darkness is planning on a worldwide religion, that is very far away from Divine Truth. Everything is supposed to be unified, unified in the worldly sense of the word, in the hope to create unity and peace on earth when there are no more differences amongst the various religions. But this religion is only make-believe, created to make man more controllable. As soon as this point of development is reached, there will be tremendous, radical changes. Especially Europe will be affected by these changes, and this is why I am coming. Look, how many times did I appear in Europe? But all these events are not intended to scare you, or to make you afraid. They must take place in order to prepare you for the coming of My Son Jesus Christ, in order to enable you to receive Him as is appropriate for a King. My children, I precede My Son. Be blessed!”


Sievernich, December 4th 2000

On Monday, December 4th 2000, the fifth meeting of the Blue Oasis took place in the church of Sievernich. While people were praying the rosary of the angels, I saw an angel dressed in red standing in front of the altar. Some time later the angel went down on his knees on the right of the altar. He had dark brown hair that in slight waves fell down on his shoulders. Another angel, dressed in white, whose hair was just as long but blond, joined him, and knelt down on the left of the altar.

On the left side of the altar, the Mother of God appeared, dressed in an oceanblue coat ornamented with golden stars. She had long dark hair, was dressed in a white gown, and was standing on a golden crescent moon. In her hands she held a golden rosary that consisted of golden roses. She was crying and she said:

„Dear children, I greet you and I bless you in the Name of My Divine Son Jesus Christ. I am Mary, the Immaculate. I am Mary, the Mother of God. Dear children, console me with your prayers. Look at My Beloved Son, His Church is in danger. The sheep have ceased to follow the shepherd, who protects, defends, and loves them, they prefer to follow the wolf dressed up as a sheep. My priests, what can you do? Do not follow the wolf, stay with My Shepherd. God grants you the gift of life, and only He, listen, only He is allowed to end it in this world. God alone is destined to give life and to take life. Man is so proud in his egoism that he lets himself be misguided. Remain loyal to My Son and to His Shepherd! You, dear children, do not have no other choice, there is no other way if you really want to follow My Beloved Son Jesus Christ. Do you want to follow My Son with all your heart? If so, you have to protect life, especially life, that has not been born yet. The devil confuses and casts darkness into the souls of the people. They have lost their way to My Divine Son.

Dear children, I heal your bodies and your souls. I make your souls bright, and I light the Fire of My Immaculate Heart in your hearts. This flame is My Son’s Love to you. The more the Church is in danger, the more I appear on earth. Look, I am with you everywhere, in accordance with My Son’s wishes. Look, I am with you, I love you. My Song enters into your hearts, and My Son pours his light of Mercy on you. No matter how heavy the burden you carry may seem to you, always remember, My children: you carry all this together with My Son, you carry it for My Son. Oh, dear children, help Him, help Him to carry His heavy cross. Share His cross also while you are still on earth in the times of hope and joy. Pray for the Church while you are still on earth. Pray for the family. I will guide the Church, those, who remain loyal to Me. They don’t need to be afraid, they will be protected under My Coat.

I want to support and to strengthen the families by means of prayer and love. The families are very important to Me; therefore I shall bring the Love of My Son Jesus Christ to them. Pray for the families!”

The Mother of God was floating in the air, on a cloud about three feet above the ground. There was something like a laburnum under the cloud. When it touched the ground, it turned into flowers. She said, Her hand being raised:

„I anoint you for the year to come.

May My Divine Son guide you!

May He be with you and protect you!

May He open your hearts and live in you!

Dear children, I am with you. Hold on to what is God’s Will and to what is good.”

The Mother of God blessed us with her rosary. The visitation withdrew, grew smaller, and finally vanished. A golden writing remained near the altar: „Mary, Mother of God”.

During the rosary that was prayed before the Holy Mass, Holy Charbel knelt down in front of the altar and joined us in prayer. During the Holy Mass, Holy Barbara, dressed in a beige gown ornamented with golden spiral braid, and Robert Bellarmin, dressed like a monk with a cowl, joined us praying.

During the Holy Communion a sign I did not know appeared above the altar.          back top