Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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April 25, 2021, Feast Day of St. Mark the Evangelist


During the Holy Mass, as the priest was lifting up the Holy Host, I saw in it the gracious Child Jesus as an Infant of Prague, with a red robe and mantle. It (Child Jesus) was keeping His golden sceptre in His right hand and the globe in His left. I prayed for everyone, especially for the conversion of sinners.

When the priest raised the chalice of the Precious Blood of Christ, I saw the Child Jesus hovering over the chalice. It (Child Jesus) immersed His sceptre into the priest's chalice like an aspergill and sprinkled some countries of the earth, which I now saw arranged around the priest's chalice. They were Russia, Ukraine, America (USA), Europe. He sprinkled each country three times and had an eager expression on His face. When I received the Holy Host, this has beaten in my mouth like a heart three times. I praised the Lord.

Then I saw the Infant Jesus standing in front of me. He was wearing a simple but radiant white robe embroidered with small red lily flowers and golden hems. Around His head I saw the halo again with a trefoil in it. It shone beautifully golden. The Infant Jesus comforted me and put His hand on my shoulder. He blessed me and said:

"Many people do not understand Me. Worried about their lives, they do not realise how Satan is trying to lead them into a war. This spark of the adversary could ignite the whole world. That is why I desire reparation from you. This spark of all evil can become a scourge for the whole earth. Pray, sacrifice, repent, make reparation."

 Then He placed a white rectangular stone before my feet. (Own note: See message of July 1, 2019.) He said:

"Now listen well! The Adversary incites souls to put flags on My houses, which are signs to contradict My Word and not to follow the Holy Scriptures.

But I have given you the flag of My Precious Blood, which "The children of God, the apostles of the end times" have as a sign. Wherever this flag of My Precious Blood flies, there reigns the commandment of the Eternal Father and is being preserved in love. May My little apostles wear this sign in the time of tribulation.

The time of the Apostles of the end times has come. Come, rest at My Heart and refresh yourself for a moment and taste how it will be one day in My Kingdom."

Indeed, I was allowed to rest for a little moment at His Heart, and it was so wonderful, a great moment full of love and great bliss and comfort.

Suddenly the Child Jesus was no longer there.


Holy Scripture: Revelation of John, Chapter 2, refference to the white stone.

The Golden Book on True Devotion to Mary, from blessed Louis-Mary Grignion de Montfort: Chapter No.1, Art. 4 - The Apostles of the Last Days, Sons and Children of Mary.

Reference to the message of July 1, 2019:

The personal message therein is now (2021) published. This message concerned the reference to the white stone, the establishment marker of The Children of the Immaculate, Apostles of the Last Days.

We are now establishing "Children of the Immaculata, Apostles of the Last Days". With regards to the Corona situation, it will be currently an open online prayer community. The members of this open prayer community pray in the sense of reparation and strive to live a Catholic sacramental life. We ask for prayer of The Most Holy Rosary, Chaplet of the Precious Blood of Jesus and The Holy Rosary of the Beloved Bride of the Holy Spirit, as a reparation for the conversion of sinners. The number of prayers is up to every person praying. Every child of Mary, the Immaculate, can adapt the prayers to his or her daily and weekly scedule. If you would like to be included in this open prayer community, please send a stamped and addressed envelope to following address:

Förderverein Gebets- und Begegnungsstätte Sievernich e. V.

Password: "Children of the Immaculata/Apostles of the Last Days".

Pastor-Alef-Str. 21

D-52391 Vettweiß-Sievernich


This message is being announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.

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