Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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February 15, 2021 Monday


A few days ago, I saw a family member of a good friend of mine suddenly standing in my kitchen while washing dishes - a living person whom I briefly looked at and who said to me: "I am in such a pain!" I didn't even know this person myself and wondered about this happening. I knew immediately where this person belonged, but doubted myself: "It cannot be," I thought.

A short time later - I had attended Holy Mass in the meantime - the said friend called me. And she spoke of a personal concern. We quickly came to talk about the person I saw in my kitchen while doing housework. This person was very ill, what I did not know. I continued to pray for this intention and to attend Holy Mass.

Suddenly I saw the Infant Jesus with a small bouquet of blue violets in His hands. I thanked Him very much and informed my friend.

We found violet tea at one Christian vendor. My friend ordered it and used it for the sick person and for herself. After some days both spoke of a very good effect. The sick person we are talking about, has a heart condition.

I have sent this in advance.

Today, on Monday evening before the livestream, my dear heavenly friend, St. Teresa of Avila, met me as I was outside with the horses. I greeted her warmly and said, "Dear Teresa, I have not seen you for such a long time!"

She said to me, "If it is necessary, I will come to you. Tell all the people who want to hear: The violet is the medicine of the Child Jesus. Violet tea gladdens the heart, mind and soul. The heart is strengthened and thus the whole immune system of the body.

It is also good to use it when the mind is dull. Thus it is a remedy for your present time. It carries bitterness like fragrance. In these modern times, people lack bitter substances, which are sweet and good for the human body. What is bitter for you, the Lord turns into delight. You can sweeten it with honey. The violet carries sweetness, great love and humility. This is lacking in the man of your time and so it helps you in your afflicted times. Make sure you will receive it from a Christian source, that no other word may be upon it but the blessing of God alone."

(Note: Violet tea is not available at our place.!!! Violet tea is not a substitute for visiting a doctor or a medicine).


February 17, 2021 - Ash Wednesday


I prayed the Precious Blood Rosary. When I had finished it, I asked the Lord in my mind what path the Church might be on, if she had not yet reached Golgotha. Where does the Church is now, when the Bride follows the Lord? At that very moment I saw the maltreated Lord standing at the scourging pillar, being mistreated. I looked into His suffering face. Never I will forget His gaze.


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