Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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Apparition of the Gracious Child Jesus on February 2, 2021 Candlemas – Presentation of the Lord


The gracious Child Jesus appeared today from about 11:57 am to 12:47 pm. In His message today, He is speaking of the original oval St. Benedict medal which He Himself gave to St. Benedict. This was modified long time ago and this is the round St. Benedict medal available everywhere today.

I see three spheres of light floating into the room, one large sphere and two smaller ones. The large sphere in the middle is opening and a beautiful bright light is shining out of this sphere. The Child Jesus is emerging from this light. He is wearing a large golden crown and a purple robe. This is embroidered with golden lily tendrils.

The Lord has blue big eyes and dark short-curled hair. In his right hand Child Jesus is keeping His golden sceptre, in His left I can see a small sun in which there is an oval original Benedict medal rotating, so that I can see both sides, front and back.

Now both smaller spheres are opening, one on the right and one on the left of Him. Angels are emerging out of them, each one dressed in a radiant white robe. They kneel down before the King of Heaven.

The Lord blesses us, "In the Name of The Father and The Son - this Is Me - and The Holy Spirit. Amen."

The Infant Jesus speaks:

"Look, this is the gracious medal I have given to My servant Benedict. Benedict is a great friend of the Eternal Father, of My Father in Heaven, with Whom I Am one."

A personal message is following. 

The King of Heaven speaks:

"Man wants to be like God, like the Eternal Father. He wants to give and take life, wants to create his own order, outside the Order of My Father. Man will spread confusion and darkness with his self-created order.

Why do you move away from Me? God's Order, the Order of My Father in Heaven, is also My Order and the Order of the Holy Spirit. You are created to worship, praise and glorify Him. No salvation will come from a worldly order.

I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life. I Am with you, with those people who give Me their hearts. How happy I Am about souls who love Me. I want to be loved by them completely!"

The angels spread the mantle of the King of Heaven very wide.

"My blessing will become your salvation in the days to come. A new order will bring disaster. My blessing doesn´t rest on it. Pray especially on March 25, it is for the next generation. In the times to come all evil will be revealed. Man will go through many inflictions and has to endure them. With Me you can go through these inflictions without any harm. I Am the Lord!

And now make sure, you will quickly spread these medals of My friend Benedict, so that My blessing may be spread over you without hindrance. This medal has truly been changed by men, but not for blessing.

This time is becoming an infliction for people of the world. They will bear even more. I will rule them with an iron sceptre. Those people who will open their hearts to Me, I will rule with a golden sceptre. For them this time will be a time full of graces. I Am with them and will not leave them, although the adversary will test their faith and trust.

You will walk with Me, not without Me. A great test will come over you this year. Stand firm, remain faithful to Me, pray, sacrifice, persevere: do not let your soul be poisoned. I Am the Lord. Again I tell you: All things must come to pass. Amen."

At His (Jesus) feet I can see three baskets full of letters (envelopes), a white letter with black writing, a white letter with blue writing, a red one and a blue one, a letter with stickers and rays, various painted pictures, a picture, a painted picture with a cross, an envelope with a cross on it, one with a rose, a yellow one and a marbled one and a note without an envelope, a green letter and a sky blue letter and a pink one.

Then the Lord presses His great golden sceptre to His Heart. It becomes the aspergill of His Heart. His golden Heart becomes interwoven with red. Then He is sprinkling us and all the praying souls who came for the prayer vigil, with His Precious Blood.

I am praying: "O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven, especially those most in need of Your mercy."

The King of Heaven comes very close to me with His Face. He speaks:

"Remember, you are going with Me through this time. Say this to all souls. Call out to My mercy!"

To this I reply: "Dear Jesus, I thank You very much."


The Lord is blessing me. The light retracts with the Lord, pulsates, becomes smaller. So it is with the angels. The King of Heaven disappears, the balls of light are suddenly gone.



This message is being announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.

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