Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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Sunday, January 17,02021


As the priest in a Sunday Mass was lifting up the Holy Host during the Consecration, I saw in it the painful, thorn-crowned and bleeding Most Holy Face of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The crown of thorns had large spikes and was not only around His head, but it was like a bonnet and the thorny strands could also be seen above the Saviour's head. Initally I only saw His Most Holy Face, with no words. After some time He spoke:

"Look at Me. Then look at what they are doing with My Most Holy Sacrifice. Then look at the world."

But it has have continued. At about 3:05 p.m. during the Lord's Hour of Mercy according to Sr. Faustina, I fed horses outside. In the wooden house I set up new fodder. The door of the wooden house was open. I stood sideways to the door. I held the feed shovel in my right hand.

Suddenly the inside of the wooden house was filled with very intense light. The house became completely bright. At that moment I found out this was beyond the limits of normality; for I had never experienced anything like this.

The day was overcast and dull. I now looked at the door and through the door to the outside. The sky was opening up more and more; the sun was rotating and coming down from the sky onto wall which was ten metres at distance to me, staying there, rotating above wall and throwing off a lot of light. I couldn't move at all. The feed shovel fell out of my hand, with it the food.

I was amazed and surprised. I did not expect this. I raised up my hands, thanking the Eternal Father in heaven, Jesus Christ, Son of God, and the Most Holy Trinity in eternity. I was not able to do anything else. This lasted for about a minute. Suddenly all disappeared at once.

The horses remained calm and continued to eat. I thought about all this happening. I see this sign as a confirmation of what I have seen in the Holy Mass. When the Lord is giving such strong signs, He is showing us also His closeness. But He is also showing us massive changes that are coming.


This message is being announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.

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