Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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Apparition of the Gracious Infant Jesus of Sievernich on January 6, 2021, approx. 4 to 5 p.m.


I see three golden radiant spheres of light. The large sphere of light is in the middle and is radiating strong light in all directions.

Now it is opening. In this radiant, wonderful light I see the dear Child Jesus. He is wearing a large golden crown, a royal mantle like the kings used to wear, and a red robe embroidered with golden lilies. It is the robe of his living Precious Blood. He appears as an Infant Jesus of Prague with a Golden Heart. Underneath (of it) there is an ephod. Jesus has dark curls and large blue eyes that are wonderful and full of love. In His right hand He is keeping His golden sceptre. In His left hand a golden sphere with a cross on top.

The other spheres open as well and in the light I see two angels, dressed in simple, radiant white robes, as if made of a fine linen fabric. They have blond, shoulder-length hair. The angels fall down on their knees before the Infant Jesus and start to spread the Lord's mantle very wide. The Lord looks at me and hovers closer to me. He speaks:

"In the Name of the Father, the Son – This Is Me - and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

How much I rejoice in those who pray and give Me their hearts. That is why I have pace off My land. The Eternal Father looks upon them. As they have touched My Heart, so I would touch their hearts. Therefore I have asked the Father to spare this land; for I have said: where there would be pleading on the knees for My Mercy and for that of the Eternal Father in Heaven, I will grant Mercy. Mercy to the people of My contentment.

The world will be shaken. Because people do not know My Eternal Father and want to live without Him, everything will be purified. This must happen as it is written. A great upheaval will now soon take place, an upheaval that will become an abyss for many people.

You are keeping the hope that now everything will be soon as it was before. This, dear souls, will not be so. Pray and sacrifice! Remain faithful to Me! I Am not just coming and simply appearing. I appear as a King of Heaven because this is necessary. I want to lead My sheep out of this distress, out of the desert into My oasis.

Many things will happen now. Woe to those who lead My sheep astray. Woe to those who praise sin and create it as a new spirit, that is the spirit of perdition, the evil spirit that loves sin. For My sheep's sake I Am coming; for the flock follows Me faithfully."

Now I can really see a flock of sheep at His feet. Some are white, but many are black and white spotted. He (Jesus) comes even closer to me.

"There will be a great upheaval at large," says the Lord. During this Child Jesus looks at the golden sphere with the cross. This sphere becomes the globe. It rotates until I can see the Middle East and the man who must come and who is considered as a great benefactor. Along with him the great perishment; for I see him planting, and everything he plants is withering.

"This is only for a time. Be without fear," says the Infant Jesus. "I will lead you through this time. What has to come, will come. I Am the Lord and I love My sheep. Once again I say to you: Pray - make reparation through prayer! Offer up, repent! Plead for My mercy! I am looking at you. Look at Me, not at the world!"

He takes His Sceptre, presses it to His Heart and sprinkles some countries with His Precious Blood. "So do I on My faithful," says the King of Heaven.

Then I see envelopes all around on the globe: a white envelope without any writing, a white envelope with gold writing and a gold envelope, a yellow envelope and even a green envelope, a grey envelope with ink writings and a picture of a married couple, two pictures with children and two envelopes that are also painted. An angel adds another red envelope. Then the globe in the hands of the Heavenly King becomes a golden globe again. He speaks:

"I see their hearts and have heard their cry."

It follows a personal message.

Regarding the oil, I was allowed to ask Jesus question, how we should spread this oil. We have received strict instructions from Him and now people come to us and want to get blessed their own oil. But this oil did not burn in the lamp of the Child Jesus during a Holy Mass, according to the Lord´s instruction.

The Child Jesus says this to it: "Follow My instructions, not those of men!"

A personal message follows.

Afterwards I pray, "O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell ..."

He then speaks, "All salvation comes from Me. I bless you in the Name of the Father and the Son - that is Me - and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Goodbye. Adieu!"

"I wish a prayer vigil on February 2, 2021."

The Lord goes back into the light, so do the angels. The light pulsates and the balls of light disappear.


This message is being announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.

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