Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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Messages on December 9, 11, 27 and 28, 2020


On December 9, 2021 while I was cooking in the kitchen, the dear Child Jesus spoke to me:

"Do not judge a person, only check if there is repentance in their hearts."

At the same time, I saw the bust image of the dear Child floating briefly in the air in front of me.


December 11, 2020

The dear Child Jesus came to me briefly as the Infant Jesus of Prague, dressed in white, and said that the whole book (the new book of Sievernich) should be suffered through, so that by His grace people would be converted through it. Again It disclosed to me that a great afflication was coming.


December 27, 2020

During the Holy Mass I received the Holy Communion. I noticed that the host didnīt dissolve quickly in my mouth as usual. Then I saw the dear Child Jesus close to me, with golden, curly hair, blue eyes and dressed in a simple white radiant robe /shirt. It was about three years old and It smiled beautifully at me and hugged me. The dear Child Jesus let me to understand that the host would not dissolve so quickly in my mouth and that this was also wanted by Him.

He said:

"I want to be loved and adored by you."

This I then did until the host melted. It took about eight to ten minutes. The dear Jesus said to me that this was not meant only for me. I should say it to all people.


December 28, 2010 at about 11:30

A large golden sphere opened and two small golden spheres, one to the right and one to the left, opened afterwards. I see the Child Jesus as an Infant of Prague with a large golden crown, dark curly hair and blue eyes. He wears a beautiful robe, that of His Precious Blood. The Precious Blood is alive in His robe.

The robe is that of His Precious Blood, richly embroidered with golden lily flowers. Two angels in simple, radiant white robes are spreading out His mantle.

Now I see the Lord in a garden of lilies as once before. The lily garden is bordered by a golden fence. White and blood-red lily blossoms are blooming around Him. In His right hand He is holding His sceptre and in His left three lily flowers. All three lily flowers in His left hand are blood-red. He blesses me:

"In the Name of the Father, the Son - that is Me - pointing to His Heart - and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

To all men of My contentment I will bestow graces. I Am the Lord. I Am despised by many. They do not recognise Me as a Child. Look at the many children who have lost their lives for My sake. Today is the commemoration day of these little ones who gave Me already their whole life. They died innocent, without guilt; for these (He raises His hand with the blood-red lilies) were murdered.

The unborn also died innocently. Donīt you really hear their cries? Has the spirit of Herod darkened the hearts of the people so much that the murdering of children continues? The source of these dark deeds is Satan. He is against the life of men because I love you so much. You can defeat his envy and wickedness through Me. Become a voice for the unborn.

As in Bethlehem that time, so today they are at the mercy of man's will. Is it not the spirit of Herod that rages among the people of your time? Defeat this spirit with My love. This to do is easy. To the people of My contentment I will give My grace, especially in this time.

Sanctify yourselves through My Sacraments which I entrusted to My priests. I entrusted to them the gold of heaven, the treasure of the Eternal Father. Am I not Myself, Who comes to you through the priests? What I have sanctified, I have sanctified for eternity. This is My Will. My Will is for eternity, because the Eternal Father Is also eternal.

In your sinfulness you do not know this. However, if you turn to Me and to My Most Holy Mother, the love of heaven will be given to you and will let you know how great and glorious the Father in heaven loves you, how much I love you and how much My Most Holy Mother loves you. The love of the Eternal Father, My Father in Heaven, with whom I Am One, will guide you through this time.

I have come to you today to inflame your hearts. This flame of My love will the Holy Spirit rekindle in you again and again, if you would pray and live with the sacraments."

Now I see three baskets filled with letters lying in the lily garden. I can make out one envelope in red, one in white with a sign on it - whether it's a sticker or painted, I can't tell - and a blue envelope, then another grey envelope. And someone has a picture of a deceased person(s) - I can't make it out exactly, man or woman - chosen for the Child Jesus. I also see a photo of a family in the lily garden at Jesus' feet.

"Look, I will take care of these!" Thus speaks the dear Child Jesus.

"Tell them to remain faithful and to sanctify their souls. The Zeitgeist (spirit of the times) will tempt them, My Love will sanctify them so that they will find rest in My Sacred Heart. The spirit of your times is the spirit of Herod. Do not forget this and read in the Scriptures what has been written about him. Do not forget that through the words of the Holy Scriptures the Holy Spirit touches your hearts."

He presses His golden sceptre to His Heart. And the gracefull Child Jesus is sprinkling us with His Precious Blood and is blessing us. Then He looks lovingly into My eyes and says goodbye.

"Adieu! Goodbye. See you on the next prayer vigil on Feast of Epiphany!"


Own note: All the owners of the (above mentioned) letters/envelopes and the family photo got in touch with us, except that of the photo of the deceased. These were kept at the persons' homes and could not be sighted beforehand. It is through the grace of the Child Jesus that the most reliable network of prayer is created. By His grace I was allowed to see exactly the mentioned letters/ envelopes in His lily garden.


This message is being announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.

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