Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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Appearance of the Graceful Child Jesus from Sievernich on November 30, 2020,

Feast of the Apostle Andrew


I see the graceful Child Jesus as an Infant of Prague with a large, golden crown and vested in a red robe and in a red mantle, which is richly embroidered with golden ornaments. The robe and the mantle are embroidered with golden lily flowers and tendrils.

The Child stands with Its bare feet in a small field of lilies, which is limited. It is a square with a thirty-centimetre-high golden fence made of bars with a golden pinecone at each corner of the square. In His right hand He is holding a large, golden sceptre and in His left a cross, which is decorated with large, white pearls. In the middle of the cross, I see a white lily. The Infant Jesus has dark brown, curly hair and has blue, beautiful, large eyes.

He blesses me: “In the Name of The Father, The Son – This is Me – and The Holy Spirit. Amen”.

He floats closer to me and speaks:

“I Myself Am Love. Do not lose your souls. Pray and sacrifice. Why the lack of souls who consecrate themselves to Me? Why the lack of souls who want to lead a spiritual life? Why the confusion in the Church?

Dear souls, I must allow this. The root of the evil is the blood of the unborn, the guilt that people incur. Nobody wants to hear it, but this is the truth. God gives life. You do not accept it. The adversary fools you into freedom and wealth. But if you follow him, you bind yourself to sin and become poor.

The blood of the unborn is a cause for the lack of souls whom I call for the priesthood and the self-sacrificing, praying souls.

This lack begins in the root, the foundation of the Church, in the families. The adversary fights the families. With Me and in Me they are to live holy, in the sacraments of My Church, in accordance with their call by the Eternal Father. The evil tells you: 'You can be god to yourself and live as you wish.'

The families carry Me in their hearts if they sanctify themselves through prayer, repenance and the sacraments of My Church, in which I Myself Am alive. Each one can sanctify himself in his status by following Me. If a man follows the world and his own desires, he does not follow Me.

Love Me as I love you. Obey My commandments. Do not go astray. The world will open all gates to you. But I will open only one single door to you. It is the door to My wedding hall. Act like the wise virgins. Stay with Me and keep enough oil for your lamps.

I bless all who are united in prayer with you. In the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen."

Then He reaches me the cross to kiss it and says: "Adieu!" (Goodbye).

He disappears in the light.


This message is being announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.

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