Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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Appearance of the graceful Child Jesus of Sievernich on November 25, 2020 from about 19:12 to 20:00


The Child Jesus appears as an Infant Jesus of Prague with a large golden crown. He wears a violet robe, which is richly decorated with golden lily flowers and tendrils. In His right hand He holds a golden sceptre and a golden cross in His left. On the cross I see pearls that are beautiful. I see two angels – one on His right hand and the other on His left. These two angels are expanding His mantle. They are wearing white robes.

He (the Child Jesus) blesses and says: „In the Name of the Father, the Son – this is Me – and the Holy Spirit. Amen. I Am your Saviour, your Comforter. All salvation is in Me. I Am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I like to come to you in My Holy Childhood. For you I have opened My Most Sacred Heart. Devote yourselves completely to Me through an act of devotion. (Own note: See Golden book of St. Louis Maria Grignion of Montfort). Thus, I will be comforted and the sceptre will no longer weigh so heavily in My hand, because the weight is on account of all the insults inflicted on the Eternal Father.

Look: I gave you the holy priesthood so that you might be connected to Me through the sacraments of My Holy Church. This covenant is My covenant of devotion to you. I gave Myself completely so that you might be freed from the bonds of evil. This covenant is sacred.

The adversary tries to destroy this covenant and wants to leave you without consolation and hope. As he leads many souls astray, there is no salvation for them.

But I Am your hope, your Light, your Consolation. My Church comes from the Eternal Father, she is from Me. She cannot be of the world. If she would be of the world, there would be no grace in her. For the grace is given by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Today it is a day of My earthly birth. You celebrate this day on December 25th. This is Christmas. It should stay as it is.

Remember this day of My Holy Childhood. I Am coming to you as a child and whoever accepts Me as a child, I will reward him abundantly. So many children and unborn babies are not accepted by you. Remember that I love them so much! You are all from Me. How much I love repentant hearts who raise their hands to Me in prayer!

Everything comes out of My love, the whole creation, animals, plants and trees. You try to reason if animals have a soul. Weren’t they once with you in Paradise? Isn’t it enough for you to accept and love them? They come from Me, just as you are from Love, and everything will work out for you; for you were born to bring love into this world. Are you not the salt of the earth? Glorify the Eternal Father on earth. Love as children who love their fathers.

Abide in Me, be patient and pray together. Hold fast onto My word; I will sweeten this time for you through My grace. In so doing you will be strong in My Father and in Me through the Holy Spirit. Despair torments those hearts who do not know Me and My Most Holy Mother. I Am with you.

I wish a prayer vigil on December 28th. Great distress will come but I will lead My own through it. Your prayer is important. Because in this way you are opening your heart and I can enter into it. Do not get confused. Take refuge in Me and My Most Holy Mother. "

Now the Lord takes three envelopes and soaks them in His Sacred Heart. There is a white envelope, written with pencil, then a red envelope and a yellow one. He takes three white envelopes in His mantle - one written with ink, one with pink pen and one with black writing. He looks at me and I ask the Him: "Please Lord, sprinkle us with Your Precious Blood!"

The Lord takes His sceptre to His Heart and it becomes the Aspergil of His Precious Blood, “which”, He says, is given “to all prayers”.

“Walk with Me and stay with Me. Whoever chooses the world goes into perdition. A secular church will only produce worldly fruit. It is a church without mercy. But I have called you to stay with Me. Adieu!"

I pray: “Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins ...”

The pearls on the cross which Jesus is holding in His left hand becomes large and the letters "JHS" shine in them. He disappears with the angels in the light.


This message is being announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.

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