Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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Appearance of Gracious Child Jesus during the prayer vigil, on November 7, 2020


I see a large ball of light in the air and two smaller balls of light, one on the right side and one on the left side of the large ball of light. A beautiful light emanates from the light balls. The biggest light is emitted by the large ball of light. It opens, and now I see the sweet Child Jesus in the garment of His Precious Blood. He wears a beautiful golden crown. He has black-brown curly hair and blue eyes. The stones in His crown glow in intense red, like rubies. I have never seen it like this before.

The Child Jesus appears as an Infant Jesus of Prague and wears a mantle which is  embroidered with golden lily blossoms. In His right hand He holds a golden sceptre and in His left hand the globe. I can see His Heart clearly. It shines golden. Further I see a small cross which is above His Heart.

Now the other two light balls open as well. And I see two angels in white robes emerging out of them. They spread out the mantle of the "Rex Caelestis". So they call it out, bow and spread the mantle out again a little bit more. Then they call out "Rex Caelestis" again, bow and spread out the mantle again a little bit more. And so it goes on until it appears quite wide.


The Heavenly Child Jesus speaks:

„I Am the Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God. Look at the world with Me.“

The globe suddenly starts to spinn in His hands.

The Lord speaks:

„The blood of the unborn cries out to the Father. Understand this! Many things are beeing shown to you, but the world is deceptive. Again and again I call up to you: repentance, conversion, penance! The man who promises salvation to the world will bring destruction upon you.

Remain faithful to Me! I love you and I do not want you to go astray. With pleasure I look upon your prayer and I give you My graces. I see the intentions of people who pray.“

The Lord takes an envelope into His Heart. It is written with an ink. That is all I can see. Three more envelopes are there. One of them is a letter and has a blue envelope.

"I give you My graces when you pray. Pray much, pray from your heart. I unite My Sacred Heart with your hearts. Bear everything with patience and be sure, you can bear everything with Me.

Great upheavals will happen in the world. But I have called those who are Mine to remain faithful to Me. America will suffer greatly. I call all nations to unite with Me in prayer. I Am your Savior. Do not forget this!"

The Lord sprinkles us and our written intentions with His Precious Blood. He does this with His Golden Sceptre, as He did it before. He presses it against His Sacred Heart and then sprinkles us with the Sceptre that has become Aspergillus.

He speaks:

"The time is near. If you pray, I will diminish the punishment. Remain calm. Remain patient. Don´t be afraid. I Am close to you. In no man in the world will you find your salvation. I Am your savior, your Lord, Jesus Christ. I Am the Son of God."

I see something spreading over the earth, which lies in His hands. It is something like - yes, I can only describe it as a white nebula that goes over the earth from the bottom to the top.

Then He blesses us:

„In the Name of the Father and the Son – this Is Me Myself -  and the Holy Spirit „ and speaks:

"See you on 25th November for prayer. I wish a prayer vigil on that day. Adieu!"

The next day the priest brought me a bundle of letters tied together, in which was really a blue envelope, situated at the top, written by children. The writers of the other letters contacted us as well. Deo gratias!


This message is being announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.

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