Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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 Jesus appears as Merciful Savior on All Saints Day, November 2, 2020


I saw the Lord as Merciful Savior during the Holy Mass. He was dressed in a white garment.  Around His hips He wore a white twisted cord belt with tassels at the ends. I saw that He wore a dark stole with ornaments. The stole was hanging straight down on His garment. He was surrounded by a beautiful golden light.

He wore His shoulder-length dark, black-brown hair behind His ears and I saw that there was a twisted curl on each side of His face. His stigmata shone like rubies on His feet and hands.

There is a song, so He said, texting, that His wounds „shine like rubies“. He loves this song. This song can be found in a (German) Song and prayer book named „Gotteslob“, published by Diocese Aachen, under No. 331- "This is the body, Lord Jesus Christ“

His garment had a narrow, elongated slit in the region of the heart. He stood before the priest's chalice. And now I see and hear how His Precious Blood is flowing from the slit of His garment which is in the region of the heart into the chalice.

He said:

"I have come to give you My Precious Blood. It is the great mystery of My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that men will never comprehend. In My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass you unite yourselves with My Sacrifice on the Cross. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the Presence of My sacrifice on the Cross. It does not take place again and again. There is no repetition! Tell this to the people.

Pray for all souls, dead and living. I have come to you to awaken repentance in the hearts of men. Remember: With the measure with which you judge, you too will be judged.

This is My word to all My priests who deal strictly with the souls entrusted to them.“

The Lord blesses us, looks up to heaven and speaks:

"Look at them, Father. See how they pray."

And all at once He disappears upwards.


This message is being announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.

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