Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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Appearance of the Merciful Child Jesus on October 22, 2020


It was around 5:40 p.m. when I finished the horses work and stood outside on the sand court, where I use to work with the horses, when I took notice of an intense lilac fragrance, then of the lily-of-the-valley and finally a scent of roses. Strange, I thought to myself because nothing flourish on the sand court or in the adjacent field.

When after some time I found out of which direction the scent was coming, I realized it was coming from the direction where the sun stood. Now I looked at the sun and saw that it was rotating and throwing out colors. In her I saw the Child Jesus as an Infant Jesus of Prague, with a golden crown and red garment.

Child Jesus said:

„I came for sinners so that they repent. In Sievernich accept those sinners who sincerely convert.  Which one of you is righteous? Many souls are misled in good faith. My Precious Blood will cleans the Church.

This time of tribulation is for you a time of grace as well. If you will pray more, I will give you graces.“

A personal message followed.

Then I said: „It smells after your Heavenly Mother, Lord. Such a wonderful scent.“

The Lord said:

„She is next to you. But you don´t see Her. I Am the Lord, your God. I bless you.“

Later I researched the frangrances I smelled. The lilac is available in purple and white. The purple lilac is a symbol for repentance and the white lilac for purity. But the purple lilac also stands for the bishops and this is a bishop's color.

The-lily-of-the valley is of white colour. And there is a legend, a Christian legend, according to which the Mother of God stood under the cross of Christ and shed tears. Where these tears touched the ground, the lily-of-the-valley bloomed.

So the flower of the lily-of-the-valley stands for the tears of Mary. The rose symbolizes once purity, but also suffering, because it has also thorns and it is sometimes white, sometimes red. Thus we can connect it with the Precious Blood, because Jesus always spoke of the Red Sacrificial Rose Germany.


This message is being announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.

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