Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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St. Pater Pio appears and talks on September 24, 2020


Padre Pio comes to me. He looks a little younger than I know him from photographs and without any physical afflictions, but he bears the wounds of Christ’s Passion. He is accompanied by a beautiful light. He blesses me in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, bowing his head during the blessing in humility as a reverence to God.

Father Pio says:

„The lack of love in people’s hearts towards our Lord should be healed according to the Will of the Father. How can it be healed better than in holy confession? I look at my penitents and he who comes to the Child Jesus and His Most Holy Mother with a heart full of repentance, him I will accompany so that he can repay all his debts before the Eternal Father.

It is only Satan, dear souls, who wants to instill fear of holy confession in you. Why? Through this holy sacrament so many souls are deprived of him. When people sincerely convert and pray, they will be saved from the eternal fire.

You cannot take anything with you to heaven. Sure, you shall only fulfil your duty of your daily life; this is what the Lord wants. Thus you contribute to the welfare of men; but it is your heart and your soul you carry before the Almighty God. Of what will your heart and soul be full? Of God’s love? Of prayer and the God´s sacraments?

When you carry the Lord within you, He will reveal Himself to you. Then He will ask you:

„What have you done for My sheep? Have you been also a good shepherd in the Holy Church, in your family, in your professional life, in the encounter with your neighbour? Have you prayed for the conversion of sinners and given them an example? "


See how much you should decrease your own self, so that the Lord can take place in you. I accompany the penitents and if their repentance is sincere, I will embrace them in me and Christ as spiritual children. It is good to unite one’s own will entirely with the Will of Almighty God. This is the way of holiness, a way of the commandments and love of God, filled with His sacraments in which He Is Himself.

Before the Lord I pray for you.

Pray with me."


This message is being announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.

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