Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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Apparition of the graceful Infant Jesus over the chestnut tree in the parish garden on September 7, 2020


As we pray the rosary a wonderful light comes from the direction of House Jerusalem floated to us through the air. This light is like a sun in a ball of light and stops above the chestnut tree in the garden, in which the Way of the Cross is situated. We pray the Rosary to the end. Above the tree I see the light opening and it shines to all directions, even on the property of the house of Jerusalem and it shines also behind me, to the well. The ball opens and the Infant Jesus appears and two balls, one on the right and one on the left, also open. Out of this light two angels are coming out, dressed in white, so as I know them.

The Child Jesus has a beatutiful golden crown and wars the mantle of His living Precious Blood. This mantle is also embroidered with golde lilies. He has a golden scepter in His right hand and in His left one he holds a globe. He has dark curls and blue eyes.

He blesses us in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

He says:

„The Son Is Me; I Am Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Lord. I Am the Crucified One and come to you as a child in My holy childhood."

The King of Heaven wishes us first to raise all our petitions.

M.: Yes, I have several concerns, may I raise them to You? Yes, would You do that?

I thank You, oh Lord, that You have blessed us and all what we are wearing with us."

A personal message follows.

M: „Then I have one question concerning St. Pantaleon Church in Cologne, whether the relic of the Holy Cross there is genuine.

The Lord confirms the authenticity of the relic.

M.: „Yes, it’s real, this is wonderful, I thank You, oh Lord. So, Cologne has a relic of the Holy Cross. This is wonderful."


A personal message follows.


The King of Heaven says:

„Remain steadfast, My faithful souls, serve to the Eternal Father in Heaven. Do not let yourself be confused. In the times to come and in these times of tribulation I must allow that a really great Marian shrine will fall. It will fall into the hands of the enemies of My Eternal Father.

Do not be discouraged, pray and sacrifice, sacrifice My Precious Blood, My Most Holy Mother will crush the head of the serpent. That´s just a time, a time which is granted to the spirit of the world for its activity.

I must allow this, dear souls, so that everything can be purified. But you should pray and do not let yourselves be dissuaded from your path. The adversary will try to temptate My Church, but he will not be able to overpower it; so as I have promised it. May this console you.

I ask you to continue to pray. A prayer vigil should take place in October."

The Lord wishes the prayer vigil in October till 10 p.m.

M: „Yes. So long? Well, so You wish the prayer till 10 p.m. on this day in October. I thank You, Lord!“

And now, the angels are extending His mantle quite wide and all of us are protected below it. This is very beautiful, so very beautiful.

M. has just one wish: „Lord, would You sprinkle us with Your Precious Blood? "

He (the Lord) is pressing His golden scepter to His heart.

And I see how His scepter is wetted with His Precious Blood, beautiful and it becomes the aspergil of His Sacred Heart.

He is sprinkling us with His Precious Blood and is coming closer. In the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


The Child King says:

„During all this time of tribulation, you have to go through, I will not leave you alone. I love you with My whole Sacred Heart.

Adieu. Goodbye! "

M.: „Adieu. Goodbye."

The Lord is going back into the wonderful light and the angels back into their balls of light.
M.: I thank You with all my heart, Lord. I consecrate myself to Your Most Holy Heart and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your Most Holy Mother.

An eternal gratitude to You, oh Lord, and to the Father in Heaven and to the Most Holy Mother of God."




Sunday August 30th, 2020


Holy Mass on Sunday, 30.08.2020:

During the consecration while the priest was lifting the chalice with the Precious Blood of Christ, i have heard the Lord’s voice coming from the chalice:

„You are no longer just from the water, I have redeemed you through My Precious Blood."


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