Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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St. Robert Bellarmin appears on September 25, 2020 and speaks


While working with the horses, I see St. Robert Bellarmine next to me and his coming amazes me very much. He blesses me and says:

„On earth you know the word "emancipation" without understanding it properly. There is only one emancipation and that is how the saints in heaven performed it. You can only attain true and correct emancipation through the Will of God. Whoever does His Will emancipates himself.

Now, translate the word in the right way. You use it in worldly concepts. I use it for your salvation. You emancipate yourselves by doing God’s Will. Prayer, sacraments, sacrifice, repentance and penance, a life in Christ, all this loosens the bondage of evil.

So whoever wants to be emancipated, let him be a servant of God in the first place, he should love God with all his heart and be seized by the yearning for God and by desire to serve only to Him.

Do you really know what the word "emancipation" does mean? "

I said: „No, Father Bellarmin.“

St. Robert Bellarmin said:

„Just search and you’ll understand.

My greatest concern, however, is the Holy Church. On earth I have always prayed and worked so that it would not become secular and Protestant.

Now I came to say that the saints in heaven are praying for you. Alas, may the Holy Church only preserve her treasures. The treasures of faith of the Holy Church are infinitely precious. Our Lord Jesus Christ is loving His Bride and is giving Himself for her.

If you could have a look into eternity just for a moment and see God, you would understand everything. However God gives you His graces in His infinite mercy.

Many of my greatest concerns have come true and much of that I have already proclaimed on earth will happen. Remain in the Lord, and those who are not yet, may come to Him quickly. Pray! Stay in the Body of the Lord! Persevere! Love Christ and His Mother! For the time of need will come. If you are in the love of the Lord, it will be Him Who will carry you through this adversity."

That was the message. And I checked the word. „Emancipation“ comes from the Latin word emancipatio. It means the release of the son from paternal authority or the release of a slave. But it also means „the liberation from a state of dependence or addiction". 


This message is being announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.

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