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In our days – time of divine grace through „il Padre“


Last night I arrived home with my family from very beautiful Eichsfeld in Thuringia. It was a time of grace which we could experience last week.  And this has still an impact on all of us. On Saturday we were invited as guests  to  attend a beautiful wedding which was focused on Jesus and Mary.

And on Sunday a little A. was baptized, coming from the side of the bride´s family. At this baptisme my heart was so moved that I cried tears of joy.

At the entrance to the church I saw “il Padre”, Father Pio, whom I can only thank. Hehas blessed the child to be baptized in a special way and was speaking quietly Latin. Then he said that little A. was his son, a son of Padre Pio. That time I didn´t know anything about something like this and what it meant.

The parents are now turning to God: the father of the baptized child will receive the sacrament of confirmation and both parents will receive the sacrament of marriage. You know how it is like today and what young peeople are being taught: nothing at all, unfortunately. God´s grace touched the hearts of the whole family just because a single woman, one family member, prayed fervently for all. We can see that any prayer can be lost.

But let me report what happened before.

M., from T., is a woman of prayer and a frequent pilgrim to Sievernich for years. One day she wrote to me a WhatsApp message, informing me that her niece T., who came back from a pilgrimage from abroad, was now in hospital and was suffering of meningitis. She asked me to pray; and I prayed the Rosary to Precious Blood and other familiar rosaries. I was told, her niece was not allowed to take any medication.

I kept on praying. But it didn’t look that good. Suddenly I saw „il Padre“, Father Pio, who told me, she was pregnant and he was on his way to the hospital to her bedside. This message I wrote to M. from T.  We continued to pray very intensely. The niece T. was discharged healed from the hospital. The checkup at the gynaecologist followed.

One day M. from T. wrote to me that the results of the checkup at the gynaecologist’s brought a terrible result. The fetal heart tones could not be heard any more and the child could not be found. All had atrophied. Niece T. has been prepared for the abortion which should be in the next few days. Another checkup was set up one week later.

We prayed and during my prayer I saw Padre Pio how he entered the womb, the womb of this niece T. It was a mystery to me, since I had never seen anything like this before. In spite of it, this I wrote per WhatsApp to M. from T.

Father Pio also spoke to me about Thomas, this was the father´s name which he named to me. M. from T., wrote to me after that, asking me how I could have known that the father´s name was Thomas, since she did not mention it to me. So had „il Padre“ plans for him.

During the next checkup the child’s heart tones were heard again and the child in the womb had grown! The child A. was born on 2.4.2020. Deo Gratias! Thanks to Padre Pio!

This is a grace that has happened in our times; we are suppliants on earth and cannot do anything that God does not want. We can do nothing out of ourselves, we can only ask Him. Howewer, for Him is everything possible. Everything is possible when we listen to the voice of the Immaculate and the Infant Jesus.

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