Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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Child Jesus appears on August 18, 2020


The Child Jesus is approaching me as a toddler with a white dress, which is shining and embroidered with pearls. It looks like a beautiful baptismal garment.

The Lord wears a golden crown without stones, which looks like the crown of the Immaculate. It does not have a trefoil, but cross elements, that is, a crown made of golden crosses. I have seen the Lord like this before, in the early morning hours of August 16, 2020.

He is holding my right arm tight. During this I can see that His stigmata are shining like rubies. The crown is without stones. But the stigmata embellish Him like rubies.

"What was burdensome and frightening on earth, is so glorified in heaven by the Eternal Father.“ So He speaks.

"I am a jealous God. This I have always been. Happily I take dwelling in the hearts of people who give themselves completely to Me. I Am not God of all religions. I Am not God of the earth cult. Everything is created out of Me. I Am the High Priest of the Eternal Father. I Am God of heaven and earth, One with My Father and One in three persons:

Your mind will never be able to grasp Me. It is always the lack of love, your sinfulness, that hinders you to comprehend how much I love you. I Am the Word of God, One with My Eternal Father and the Holy Spirit. I Am the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Didn´t I tell to you: No one will come to the Father if not through Me? Are these My words not enough for you? Yes, I love you with all My Sacred Heart. But I Am also a jealous God, a Son of God of the commandments of the Eternal Father in heaven. 

I am the Word of God, Who obeys, loves and honors the commandments of the Father in heaven! (Own remark: So as the Lord does this, so shall we do.) Nothing of this I will abolish; for with God all things are eternal. After My death I have said to My apostles that they should keep all and have instructed them to do what God wishes to. You too shall do, what God wishes to, not what man wants. You can see how much man is tempted. Make up for what has led man into temptation. The idolatry does not come from the Eternal Father. Sanctify yourselves through sacrifice and prayer and arouse contrition for this doing in My Church.“


He blesses me and disappears.


This message is being announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.

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