Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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Jesus appears as a Man of Sorrows, as a Sacrificial Lamb,
on July 7, 2020


This time I see in front of me the Lord as a crucified, very large. He is hanging crowned with thorns, full of wounds, with  the mocking board at the top of the cross. His body has suffered a lot and His wounds are gaping. Before the crucifixion, He was very tormented.

His body is full of wounds and out of them is flowing His Precious Blood.

His beautiful face is completely disfiguredNo one who has not seen Him this way, can guess what He might have had to endure. The world, the depravedness unleashed its whole hatred on Him.  

Around His hip He is  wearing a cloth made of linen. It is woven a little finer than the other fabrics.

I have noticed that it was bigger than on many images and pictures. Oh, thank God. This is a Man of sorrow, Whom I see, a sacrificial Lamb of God, and yet holiness looks out of His eyes.

I say: Lord, why do You show Yourself like this?

Jesus answers:

It is the month of My Precious Blood and the people of your generation have forgotten that I have sacrificed Myself for them, so that they may be redeemed. Thus they are free to come to Me. I love you (all).

Soulswhat do you sacrifice for MeAre you willing to live according to MyFathers  commandments in Heaven so that one day you may enter into it? Are you ready  to do good and make sacrifices for it?

Do you take time for your daily prayerHow do you want to speak to  Me if you  do not prayDo you live in the sacraments I gave you? They are leading you to My Fathers houseAre you ready to forgiveLook at Me. If you cannot, so you can do it for My sake. Look, I have forgiven My tormentors. 

Are you ready  to love everyone according to your status? One of the greatest sins is the desecration of the families and the priesthood. Both belongs together. Children come out of the family. My blessing rest upon the families. Thus I call My own to the priesthood. But since everything is distorted by the adversary and I must allow this, the family and priesthood which are sanctified and willed by God, are considered by your generation as out of date.

Who is ready to love Me in such a way that he will give up everything for Me? Who is ready to love Me in such a way that he will love all days of his life his wife/husband (own note: ment are traditional spouses man and woman) and their children, which are given to them by God? Who loves Me in such a way that when a man is being driven to sin, he will sacrifice everything for Me and will leave the sin for My sake?

If your paths have not led (you) to Me, then, soul, arouse contrition and change your path. Come to Me. Get away from your sin. Confess and start a new life with Me, in My love.

I gave you sacraments because I love you, and yet I must allow this time of tribulation, so that the evil would be overcome and My Bride, coming out of My Precious Blood, would shine in It. But this should you know: I will not abandone you. I Am the Lord, your Saviour and I love you. What ever is happening on earth, is reasoned in a great lack of love towards My Eternal Father. Look at Me and love. Cherish your heart and soul and be My tabernacle.

The appearance disappearsDuring His Words  His Precious Blood was flowing.


This message is being announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.

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