Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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Child Jesus appears on the Feast of the Most Precious Blood, July 1, 2020


I see the graceful Child Jesus as the Infant Jesus of Prague, with a golden, large crown and a burgundy-coloured robe with golden tendrils. On the front of the garment there is a heart marked, with a cross and above it He carries the ephod, the breastplate. The Lord´s eyes are blue and His hair is black-brown and curly. He appears to me at the age of approx. nine years. His appearance is accompanied by two white-clad angels whose dark-blond hair is falling on their shoulders. Both angels are wearing a radiant, simple robe, as if made of linen. They are carrying the Lord´s mantle. In doing so, I can hear the golden border of the coat rushing when moving.


“I bless you!”  He is making the sign of cross on my forehead and I complete this with  „ in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.“

Remain in friendship  with Me and pray. Be on guard and pray.“

And I see that this time  He is holding a golden, big scepter  in His right hand, and in His left He is holding a scepter, made of iron.

 And He says:
“For My friends I Am coming with My golden scepter , those who do not want Me, I will rule with an iron scepter

Behold, I Am coming to you in My holiness. The souls of good will know about My Holy Childhood. It is not a contradiction. The souls who cannot grasp this, cannot either grasp that I, as King of Heaven, died for you on the cross. The ransom price for your salvation was My Precious Blood. This I have shed for My sheep. I Am the King of Heaven and I Am the Crucified One and I Am the Divine Child, at the same time. I'll let your plans. My word stands firm. (It concerns "House of Jerusalem").

And thus I have come to you, so  that you may pray and make sacrifice. Pray especially to My Precious Blood and honour My Most Holy Mother and the Holy Spirit at the same time, when you pray the Rosary to the Bride of the Holy Spirit.

Pray, for I must urge the mankind. They still have not understood and harden their hearts. Howewer for My friends I will send down grace and blessing from Heaven, even in these difficult times and times to come. The hard times have not been overcome. Look in the Holy Scriptures. In them all is written.

Now the Lord is showing me the Earth. Something will happen at two points on Earth, but it does not concern Germany.

For this we must pray and sacrifice, Lord. The other is yet to come, do You mean that? Yes.“

These two countries, which the Lord shows me on the globe, are the United States and Israel.

"I will stay with you. I bless you."

Me along: „In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.“

The Lord is sprinkling us with His Precious Blood, each one of us. His Majesty is holding His golden scepter firmly on His heart area. It is as if He would enter into His Heart with His scepter and then sprinkle our heads with drops of His Precious Blood. The golden scepter then becomes the Aspergill (a liturgical vessel used to sprinkle holy water) of His Sacred Heart.

 "I thank You, Lord. Praised be Jesus Christ in eternity. Amen.“

The Lord floats with the angels who are holding His mantle into the heavenly light. It's getting smaller and disappears.


This message is being announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.

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