Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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The Infant Jesus appears on June 25, 2020


I saw the Child Jesus as the Infant Jesus of Prague.  He wore a radiant white robe, which was richly decorated with golden brocades tenacles. It wore the large, golden, radiant, richly ornamented crown that I have seen so many times with Him. In His right hand He carried a large golden scepter, in His left hand a golden book. His face came very close to my face.

He said:

"I bless you!" And He made a sign of cross on my forehead. I said: . . . in the Name  of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. "

The King of Heaven speaks:

"Look, My Name means nothing to them. Still it is  profaned and the commandments of the Eternal Father are despised. "

Then I said to the Lord: "Lord, I am helpless and a simple person. What could I do?"

The Child Jesus says:

"Have you ever led sheep to a shepherd?"

I've been thinking about it. This I did once in La Salette. It happened there that I drove them away from our car. Then I said:

 "Lord, do you mean in La Salette?

The Lord says:

"Would you drive those stray sheep to My Shepherds?"

At the same time I saw a fruitful meadow, with some shepherds with a shepherd's crook standing on it. However the meadow was very large and for so many sheep founding space on it, there were a few shepherds there.  For this  large number of sheep only a few shepherds. I was very amazed about it. Then I said to the Lord: "Lord, I have nothing, but I will gladly drive sheep to them, so that none may perish.

Jesus says:

"You have Me and My Most Holy Mother, My people, through My Holy Childhood, will give up the pride, the overeagerness, that led My sheep astray. The addiction to one's own desires, which contradicts the Will  of My Father.

Then I asked Him, "Lord, what do you mean by overeagerness?"

The Child Jesus says:

"This is the will,  to wield power instead of love,  the root cause of all sins. You will find humility, purity and divinity in My childhood. Wickedness  gives way to the mystery of My Divine Childhood. Look with Me to Bethlehem and you will find Me in the manger in My clarity. I Am  your Savior, of Whom the angels sing, the wise bow their knees, and kings lay down their crowns. This secret is understood by people of good will.

 He blesses me, and says:

"See you at the Feast of My Precious Blood. He disappears in the light.


 Feast of the Precious Blood: Wednesday, 1. July 2020



This message is being announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.

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