Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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Rosary to the Holy Spirit
Pentecost Monday (Whit Monday) June 1, 2020


After the Holy Mass I saw the Holy Spirit  as a boy at the age of about  16 years. He wore a living garment that looked like living water or like crystal - so clear. But it also emanated colors from light. When the sun is shining in the water or in crystal, so are the colours reflected in it. So it is with the garment of the Holy Spirit.

Small tongues of fire, made of light,  were also seen in His garment. He radiated lot of light. The light was very whitish-bright. He wore shoulder length, dark-blond hair and had the face of Jesus, our Lord, at a young age, lets say as a young man, without a beard. The Holy Trinity posseses Its own, single face. The Eternal Father is older, with beard and white, long hair.

Jesus is being seen in manhood, at the age of 33 years, with black-brown hair and beard. And I can see the Holy Spirit as a boy at the age of about 16 years.

After the Holy Mass He spoke to me:

I bear all the teaching of the Eternal Father within Me. I Am  the Counselor, announced to you by the Son of God, and I ask for a guarding prayer at the well of the Immaculate in Sievernich, of seven prayers each. They may pray there for an hour in the month of August. After this time, another seven prayers are to pray. Seek the the assistance of the Eternal Father in your time of tribulation.

Mary, the Immaculate, Is  perfectly pure. She Is the Immaculate and did not know any sin. So I will teach you the rosary to the Bride of the Holy Spirit. Mary, the Immaculate is the Bride of the Holy Spirit. Whoever venerate the  Bride of the Holy Spirit, he honors Me.

Few hours later Holy Spirit dictated the Rosary to The Bride of The Holy Spirit to me.


This message is being announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.

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