Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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The appearance of The graceful Infant Jesus of Prague
on may 4, 2020 in Sievernich


We live in times of corona provision.
Actually, we would have prayer meeting in Sievernich today.

The graceful Infant Jesus appears with a large golden crown, white gold embroidered robe and brocade mantle. It holds a golden scepter in his right hand and the globe in his left hand.

He floats over to me. On the floor in front of Him there is a white cloth, already spread out. With a wave of His hand, He instructs me to kneel down on this cloth. Then He floats closer to me and blesses me with His scepter. And I pray with (Him): 'In the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

He attuned the Lord's Prayer and I pray with Him. Now I see that He is accompanied by two angels, who are extending His mantle wide and ever broader.

The globe is very small in His hands: such a majestic appearance! On His chest I see the breastplate, above it the Golden heart with the cross above.

Now I am being enwrapped by the mantle. It is getting bigger and bigger, and it seems as if it encloses everything. The Lord comes close to me and speaks:

 “My friend, I do this to you and to My friends. Understand this! Do only My Will! Your “Yes” be a Yes and your “No” be a No. Who does not want to serve, will not reach Me.

It is time that you ask. I would like to carry your souls through this world. I Am your Savior, Jesus Christ, the Lord. Much needs to be done, so that everything would be manifested. My Church, the Bride, will go My way so that the Evil falls, and the world would not be enslaved.

Do what I tell you. Open your hearts, pray and keep My commandments. God's commandment is eternal. It is not changeable. You have changed everything to your liking. Look, what has arisen from your wishes. One day I will ask everyone who is consecrated to Me: “Brother, show me your work! Where are your fruits?” And I will do so with every soul and ask: “Brother, sister, how much did you love me during your life?”  Your life, soul, is decisive and you have only one single life.

Become My servants, servants of God; because only My servants are really free. Many souls are afraid of this word "servant" because it is obsolete. Though, I tell you: a servant of God loves Me totaly and completely. He has nothing of his own except My love. A servant of God is filled only with My love and longs to serve Me. He brings a thousandfold fruits to My Heavenly Father.

Hence, if you do not live My gospel as God's servants and don´t want to be filled with God's love alone, how can you bring fruit? The people will reject you because of your life.  Your fruits will rot if you serve the world.

Off you go! Turn your heart to Me, look at Me, keep My commandments. Then I will look at you. You will be healed through My wounds and My Precious Blood, through the intercession of The Immaculate Heart of My Mother. ”

And I see the earth (globe) is rotating several times in His hand. He instructs me to pray especially hard for the conversion of sinners.

Then I should pray: „Oh my Jesus, forgive us of our sins ...“    We all know this prayer. He looks at me, blesses me, and this blessing is intended for all His friends.

The light is pulsating and He disappears in the light.


This message is being announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.

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