Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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The Call of the graceful Infant Jesus of Sievernich,
on april 24, 2020


I see the Infant Jesus floating, as I know Him, with a golden crown, a white robe and a white mantle that is embroidered with golden lilies. He wears the ephod, the tassels, the breastplate with the Heart and the cross. A lamb is embroidered in gold underneath on the robe. In His left hand He is carrying the Golden book, in His right hand a large olive branch. By welcome, I should kneel down and pray: „Our Father…“  Then He blesses me with the olive branch and I should pray in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

He puts the olive branch on my head, looks into my eyes, then into my heart. Finally He comes very close to my face with His face and speaks:

„So I am doing to you and so I will do it to all of My friends. The hour of your approval and loyalty is approaching. Many souls ask themselves to whom they are obeying. Remain faithful to My Father. Be firm and persistent.

Once again I Am telling you: The mighties cannot be trusted. For how many evil deeds will they have to take responsibility before My Eternal Father. How many atrocities are there I have to look at every day?

If it weren't for the little ones, who the world disregards, whose hearts implore Heaven in prayer, who entreat My Sacred Heart, My Precious Blood and The Immaculate Heart of My Most Holy Mother, on their knees begging for mercy for mankind, this mercy would not be granted to you.

The mighties of the world betray Me. Those powerful who should be faithfull to Me, have abandoned Me. How can My people still find grace?

I Am the High Priest of the Eternal Father, and so I Am with you when you call Me wholeheartedly. Since the mighties do not want me due to their deeds and tolerance, I go to My little ones whose heart is turned towards Me and knows nothing of the atrocities. My little ones will find mercy before Me and My Father in Heaven. My Most Holy Mother is praying for you at the Throne of the Eternal.

I Am drawing My little ones into My Sacred Heart. Convert! Through My sacrifice, My Precious Blood, the greatest sinner can find mercy before Me and will be cleansed by Blood of My Heart. So pure will become once My Bride (note: My Church) who was born from My Heart by a stich of a lance on the cross. However this time has not yet come. My Bride will follow the Groom on the painful path. What happened to Me, the betrayal, the mockery, the derision, the flagellation and humiliation, the crucifixion, this torment will endure also My Bride.

The One who betrays Me will speak of freedom and brotherhood.  My suffering deeply splits his soul on the cross. When he speaks in My Name, yet he doesn't do it. The world and the creatures are God to him, and he rules without mercy. His mouth is full of mercy, but in his heart it is not.

Little ones, don't let yourself be dazzled. Trust in My teaching, this comes from the Eternal Father. I want to lead you into Heaven, into Eternity, this is the Glory of The Eternal Father, My home. And so it should also become the home of My friends, The Eternal Fatherland."

He blesses me, kisses me on the forehead and disappears.


This message is being announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.

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