Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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Child Jesus appears as an Infant of Prague in Sievernich on March 2, 2020


During the Holy Mass, the Child Jusus appears as an Infant of Prague to many people for more than five minutes in the exposed Holy Eurcharist. (During the adoration).

After the Holy Mass, on the property of House Jerusalem, M. prays the act of perfect contrition according to Catechism of St. Cardinal Robert Bellarmin:

My God, You are the infinite goodness and worthy to be loved above all. That's why I love You with all my heart and above all. That's why I regret with all my heart and it pains me to have  offended You. With Your Most Holy Grace, I am determined never to offend You again.“

(Own note: Due to the multiple desires of the pilgrims, the sound of the original recording is being printed)

M.: "I see three golden balls, a large one in the middle and two smaller ones hovering over the property "House Jerusalem". The two smaller ones are opening. And I see two angels in white robes stepping out of the balls with a wonderful light. These are the angels I have seen before. Subsequently the big ball is opening with a wonderful light and the King of Heaven is coming out, Jesus as an Infant of Prague. Ah! He is wearing a purple robe and has ... yes ... there are tassels on His robe. This I do not know. They are golden. His Golden Heart is opened. He is wearing the King´s Golden Crown, which is wonderfully radiating and in size big."

(M. asks to put aside an umbrella.)

„Now the Lord is blessing us (own note: and He is asking us to pray along while doing so):

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In His right hand He is holding a big golden sceptre, in His left hand a big golden book.

He has dark curly hair.

And the angels are singing."

(M. is asking to translate the song of the angels, who are singing in Latin).


The angels are singing:

 "Behold the One whom no one can equal, Rex caelestis.

  He died for you on the stem of the cross, Rex caelestis.

  Lamb that took away the Original sin from you, Rex caelestis."

Precious Blood – Here, Precious Blood from the Heart of Jesus over all of us."

(Whilst singing, a stream of the Precious Blood pours out of the Heart of Jesus over all those present).

"Precious Blood that came to us, Rex caelestis."

The angels kneel down. Doing so, they hold also two chalices that collect one part of the Precious Blood. (Own note: That is why the angels sing of "came to us". While in the other verses they sing of "you".)


Jesus says: "Dear souls, I Am coming to you in My Holy Childhood. And only few souls understand this mystery. Why do I come to you in My Holy Childhood?  Have not been the spirits parted at my manger? There are souls who act like Herod.  They strive for power and prestige.

Then there are souls who set off to seek Me. And when they find Me, they dessist.

(Own note: Meant is that they cease sinning.)  They no longer go back the way to Herod, for they have found Me.

Then there are souls who are simple and small and have kept the truth in their hearts. They see and hear the singing of the angels and come to Me, fall down on their knees and worship Me. For the adversary is My Holy Childhood, the secret of My Holy Childhood, a thorn in side. Though, I appear as I want. I appear here as Child and at the same time as King of Heaven, so as My Eternal Father wishes.

I appear in My Holy Childhood and this is for your benefit. Thus all blasphemies against the Holy Spirit and against Me will be taken away from you.

Pray, pray, pray, repent! Look, My Heart is open for you. I have shed Precious Blood, My Precious Blood for you on the stem of the Cross and as I have just opened My Heart, I have let it flow over you and over all those for whom you had prayed.“


M. speaks: "The mother for whom I asked, the woman who approached me, the elderly lady, her mother is in paradise.“

M. holds the St. Benedict Cross against the apparition of the Infant Jesus. Next to M. there are relics of St. Benedict. In doing so, M. speaks and rejoices:

"You're coming even closer!" The apparition of the King of Heaven came very close to St. Benedict Cross and the relics. M. says joyfully: "This is my St. Benedict Cross, Lord, help us, Oh, Lord!"


The Lord says: "Mankind must repent. Urge mankind to pray the Rosary of My Precious Blood in atonement for all the insults that have been inflicted on Me."

M.: "Yes, Lord, I will, I will. We will also untertake the penitential journey, we shall travel to                                 La Salette, as Padre Pio wants us to. And Lord, many people have come here and prayed here. I beg You, have mercy on them.

And so we should pray: Our Father…, Glory be to the Father...


The Infant King of Heaven says: "Adieu!"


M.: "Adieu, my Lord, don't forget us. Have mercy on us and think of us. Let all suffering pass us by.



The golden balls close and disappear in a beautiful light. Thank You Jesus.


Our Father… in Heaven…

Oh My Jesus, forgive us our sins….


Hail Mary, full of grace….


This message is being announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.

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