Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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The Infant Jesus of Prague appears on january 6, 2020 in Sievernich


In the Holy Mass during the Eucharistic prayer, on the left of the priest's chalice The Infant Jesus of Prague was seen, clad in red robe, with a cross in the middle and a sky-blue piece of land on the right of it. The meaning of it was not clear to me. However, this should be cleared up later.

After the Holy Mass, during the adoration, the Infant Jesus of Prague with a large crown and white robe was seen alive in the Holy Host, which was exposed. This took more than five minutes and (it) was seen by several people.

After the Holy Mass, The Infant Jesus of Prague appeared on the property "House Jerusalem" as follows:

I saw a golden ball that was large and two smaller balls, floating to the right and left of it. They came hovering over the property "House Jerusalem". These balls were accompanied by a pulsating light. And the balls opened, at first the big one. A wonderful light shone out of it.

The Infant Jesus of Prague was there and stepped out of the ball, a little bit forth. And it wore a beautiful golden crown, a white robe with a priestly brocade, decorated with a priestly brocade, and had a cross made of gold brocade on the robe, on the white robe, and a golden tunic, a beautiful golden tunic.

The two smaller balls opened and two angels came out of the balls, beautiful, with golden blonde hair, hair cut off over the shoulders. Both angels wore a white robe, as if from one piece. I haven´t seen any seam in it. And the angels spread the tunic of the Heavenly King.

Both angels sang while spreading Jesus' tunic.: "Alleluja, alleluja, alleluja!" "Behold, what a grace! The King's Son is speaking to you!“, the angels said to us. I thanked for it.

The Infant Jesus held a large, golden scepter in his right hand, had dark curly hair, blue eyes and a beautiful face that radiated charm and wisdom. And it carried the Golden book in his left hand.

He blessed us: „In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! Amen.“

The Lord said: “Greetings to you, My children! I want to live in your hearts. Prepare your heart for Me. I see the questions of many in their hearts. I Am your Lord, the Son of God. I Am with you and will not abandon you. I carry you through this tribulation, through all darkness. I have redeemed you through My Precious Blood. "