Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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Saint Teresa of Avila gives the following message to me on 15th October 2022:


ďMy friend, embrace his divine Majesty as your friend. Take on his friendship which is full of grace. If you take it on, you love the Holy Scripture, the Eternal Father and the Lord himself.

Look upon the world with the eyes of his mercy. If you do it, you are in favour of the salvation of humanity, in favour of Godís work and His laws.

Do not judge man who is trapped in sin. Pray for him who is trapped in the world although he thinks he is free.

It is a tremendous grace of His Majesty to see everything with the eyes of love. Pray for this grace! The key is not to judge the man but to pray for him. Despise the sin, not the man.

If you contemplate the eternal love that is our Lord, you will act for Him and leave everything else aside. You will receive grace due to the friendship with his Majesty. Only the friendship with Him can make you see with the eyes of love.



This message is being announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.