Message of Child Jesus of Prague
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Apparition of the archangel Michael on the 13th June 2022 in Sievernich on the estate of the House of Jerusalem (Fatima-Day)


Around 6:30 p.m., during our rosary prayer in the parish church garden, the church bells are ringing when I see a bright light in the sky at the House Jerusalem. I go to the House Jerusalem and I see a golden sphere of light in the sky above the statue of the archangel Michael. The sphere of light opens and the saint archangel Michael comes out of it. His presence is radiating light. He is wearing a golden small crow with a cross on his head. His corslet is golden. On the corslet one can see a cross and it looks like its made of crystal.

He is lifting his big sword to heaven. On the blade of the sword one can read: “Quis est sicut Deus” (Translation:  Who is like God?). In his left hand Saint Michael is holding a white shield with golden letters: “IHS”. His sandals are golden as are his lamellas on his skirt, like a Roman soldier. On each lamella, there is a cross in the centre of the bottom edge. He is dressed like a Roman soldier wearing also a cape that is attached to the shoulders with two brooches. Saint Michael says:

“I came to you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. May the blessing of the Father in heaven, the blessing of the Son, my Lord and the Holy Spirit come down on this place and on every person who truly opens up their heart. You will be facing a difficult time. Be not afraid! There has never been such a time on earth before. Evil penetrates the hearts of men. They don’t look to the Lord. They look only to themselves and they want to achieve their own benefits. If the Lord does not intercede, men would destroy themselves. There will be a war for the harvest.”

Now, the archangel Michael comes down from heaven and puts his right foot on the ground with his toes pointing to the staute. While he’s doing so he makes a half-turn in the air. The heel of his foot is exactly nine cobblestones away from the statue. It covers three cobblestones and end at the sixth cobblestone in front of the satue. He then rises up into the sky again and says:

“I have put my foot on Germany.”

He lifts his sword to heaven and above his sword I see a book. It is the Vulgata (the Holy Scripture). The Scripture opens up and i see the passage John, 1,23 “I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness. Make straight the way of the Lord, as the prophet Isaiah said.”

Saint Michael speaks:

“Remain true to the faith of your fathers of faith!  Pray the rosary in my honour and in the honour of all angels. Each prayer of it is like a wing beat of mine. May the Father’s, the Son’s and the Holy Spirit’s blessing come down on you and stay with you forever!”

The archangel Saint Michael goes back into the sphere of light. It pulsates, gets smaller and disappears.


This message is published without the intention to anticipate the Churche’s judgement.